These are the guides for ECG software. We develop software products for telecom providers, carriers, and enterprises managing VoIP systems.

These guides assume that the operator has prior knowledge of relevant 3rd party software dependencies, as well as the concepts common to system administration and Cisco BroadWorks. If this is not the case, please see the 3rd party vendor documentation, which is complete and is continuously updated.


A family of tools for managing and developing on BroadWorks

Series Latest Release Date
Alpaca 10.3 December 1, 2023 Latest
Alpaca 10.2 November 1, 2023
Alpaca 10.1 June 8, 2023
Alpaca 10.0 March 14, 2023
Alpaca 9.4 December 7, 2022
Alpaca 9.3 August 26, 2022
Alpaca 9.2 June 24, 2022
Alpaca 9.1 June 1, 2022
Alpaca 8.8 December 7, 2021

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Alpaca CLI

A powerful Command Line Interface to BroadWorks systems

Series Latest Release Date
Alpaca CLI 5.3 May 6, 2018 Latest

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Alpaca Remote

Alpaca Remote is a tool that transmits audit logs or call detail records (CDRs) from a BroadWorks Application Server or access logs from a BroadWorks ADP/XSP to the Alpaca Server for processing. Logs are transmitted to the Alpaca Server via REST.

Series Latest Release Date
Alpaca Remote 2.1 May 11, 2023 Latest
Alpaca Remote 2.0 March 1, 2022

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Real-time call history for BroadWorks subscribers

Series Latest Release Date
CallReporter 3.5 August 18, 2022 Latest

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Dependency for CallReporter

Series Latest Release Date
ECGCDRLoader 4.7 August 18, 2022 Latest
ECGCDRLoader 4.6 January 7, 2022

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Toll-fraud detection system optimized for VoIP providers

Series Latest Release Date
FraudStopper 4.2 February 15, 2016 Latest

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Bridging the gap between BroadWorks and SurgeMail

Series Latest Release Date
SurgeSuppressor 3.0 February 10, 2023 Latest

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