Device Migration Re-Registration


During a migration that involves associated access devices those devices will need to re-register. Alpaca automates this process for User and Device Migration by sending a reset command to the device prior to beginning the process. However, for the longer Group and Enterprise Migration processes this is unfeasable due the potential that a device would return from reset before it has been provisioned. This guide will provide solutions to allow devices to re-register successfully following a migration.

SBC Cache Clearing

One approach is to clear the SBC cache following migration. This can be done with a sequence of commands to clear the cache after the migration has been successfully completed.

An easy way to generate the list of SBC commands is to use a tool such as the ClearCacheReport. This can be placed in the Alpaca installation directory and ran with ./runner/ {enterprise id}. This will output the line clear-cache {lineport} for each user within the Enterprise. The exact syntax can be modified in the Java file for specific SBCs.