Commands that are long running are handled as background tasks within the Alpaca CLI. This allows their process to be tracked over time and later checked to ascertain details about their completion status. When a task is inserted into the tasks queue it is processed in the order of insertion one at a time.

Tasks do not continue if Alpaca is closed so it is still required to leave the process alive to complete tasks.


After a task has been started the status can be viewed by running the tasks command. The status field can be either Running, Queued, or Finished.

Alpaca 4.3.0:/Lab3/> tasks
Task Name                                         Start Time          End Time            Status
Migration-Test_SP                                 10/26/16 4:29 PM                        Running
Migration-MigrationTesting_SP_1                                                           Queued
Migration-MigrationTesting_SP_2                                                           Queued
Migration-Migrated_Enterprise_1                   10/26/16 4:29 PM    10/26/16 4:29 PM    Finished

For extended information you can use verbose mode on a specific task. For example, after seeing the above tasks running tasks -v Migration-Migrated_Enterprise_1 would give details on the completion status and a tail of the log messages that occured for that task.

Commands That Run As Tasks

  • User Migration
  • Group Migration
  • Service Provider Migration