Release Notes

Last Updated: 9/5/2016

The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 4.2.0 of ManageEZ.

This version includes support for the R20sp1 and R21sp1 versions of the BroadWorks API.


What's Changed

  • Randomization of Passwords and Passcodes now displays the generated values.
  • Delete Voicemail User button has been enabled when using the Voicemail feature.
  • Additional logging information is displayed when generating a Voicemail user.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed issue with Voicemail service not setting Group Calling Line ID number.
  • Fixed issue with randomizing email passwords for Voicemail only users.


What's New

  • Integrated deployment through Spring Boot to ease installation process.
  • Support for the Alpaca 4.0+ library with improved speed and stability.

What's Changed

  • Installation is now completely stand alone without need for an existing Java EE server.
  • Server implementation is now based in Spring.
  • Busy Lamp Field database is now populated on the fly.
  • Server side updates occur at periodic intervals rather than using websocket through Atmosphere.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed issue with in memory databases not being cleaned correctly.