Release Notes

Last Updated: 12/04/2018

The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 6.5.3 of Alpaca.

This version includes support for the R20sp1, R21sp1, and R22 versions of the BroadWorks API.

The list of pre-Alpaca 6.4.0 changes is at the bottom of this page.


  • Released December 4, 2018

What's Fixed

  • Fixed bug that could cause Alpaca to get stuck in a reset loop when upgrading from a pre-token version of Alpaca.
  • Added fix that makes the Alpaca Runner compatible with RHEL 5.
  • Added database index on the hash value of an audit log entry for quicker queries.


  • Released November 26, 2018

What's New

What's Changed

  • Alpaca now supports migrating Service Provider Voice Portal Branding announcements.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed bug that prevented User Replace from working correctly.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Alpaca to not start because of an outdated database entry.
  • Fixed bug that caused Application Server authentication tokens to be regenerated when updating a cluster.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Alpaca to not start because of an AuditLogEntry without an AdministratorId.


  • Released October 31, 2018

What's Changed

  • Concept of Application Server now added to the BroadWorks Cluster Configuration.
  • [REMOTE] The remote tool now use token authentication instead of username/password authentication. See remote configuration for details.
  • Audit logs are now retained when a BroadWorks Cluster resync occurs.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed bug that caused GroupDialableCallerId criteria settings to not be set correctly during migration.
  • Fixed bug that could cause cluster statuses to be incorrect on restart.
  • Fixed User Collection Migration bug that caused the migration to halt if an error occurred instead of going to the next user.
  • Fixed bug caused the requirement checks for User Collection migration to not report requirements correctly.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the Alpaca User to attempt to modify a cluster that was in the process of being deleted.
  • Added support for Error 4644: The number entered is not allowed. Make sure it is not your primary or alternate number, your extension or your SIP URI or any of the numbers associated with your profile identity. Conflicting numbers should be set to null and the Action changed to 'RepeatMenu'
  • Alpaca will now strip out Announcement File names containing the following values: percents, pluses, backslashes, & forward slashes; So that the file name is compliant with BroadWorks file name restrictions.


  • Released October 15, 2018

What's New

  • Added configuration option for ignoring alerts generated by tasks created using Alpaca.
  • Call Center Thin Client settings are now retained during migrations.
  • BroadWorks Receptionist settings are now retained during migrations.
  • Added configuration option for opting out of line port domain transforms during migrations where the domains are being changed.
  • Long running tasks now have an option to send an email upon completion.
  • Added option to force Enterprise/Service Provider migration if domain conflicts are found. In this case, Alpaca will generate credentials for the conflicted users and email them in a encrypted document to the owner of the migration.
  • Added phone number report.
  • Added option to run large tasks in the background.
  • Pages with filters now have a loading indicator and refresh button.

What's Changed

  • Overhauled the log panel for tasks.
  • File Repository status is no longer monitored if there are not any Device File Migration Rules configured in the properties file.
  • The "Last Week" filter was updated to mean last Sunday - Saturday instead of the the last seven days.
  • The "Recent Tasks" page now shows how many tasks are queued up if they are now shown on the page.
  • The "Task History" page is now the "Task List" page and shows tasks of all statuses, not just completed.
  • Added "Task Status" sort option to the "Task List" page.
  • [REMOTE] The Alpaca Remote run script now launches the application with a default nice value of 10.
  • [REMOTE] The Alpaca Remote run script now includes a default Java Xmx value.
  • The pagination on the Audit Log History pages has been improved when using exclusions.
  • Improved field validation on the User Replace page.

What's Fixed

  • Errors during the migration step that adds users to devices, now report correctly.
  • Speed improvements when retrieving large amounts of data from the database.
  • Improved date filters. They now account for time zone differences between the client and server.
  • Speed improvements when migration devices during any type of migration by pre-checking if there are any Device File Migration Rules configured. If not, we skip the download step.
  • Added support for the following Call Processing fields: AllowEnterpriseGroupCallTypingForPrivateDialingPl, AllowEnterpriseGroupCallTypingForPublicDialingPlan (R22 Only)
  • Speed improvements for Enterprise/ServiceProvider migration when it comes to retrieving BLF information.
  • Improved the Schedule Requirement check to only check against schedules that are being used by the User.
  • Fixed bug that prevented devices from being assigned to certain Service Instances in specific situations.
  • Improved search speed and added suffix search matching.
  • Added support for setting the User Communication Barring User Control pin code.
  • Fixed bug that could cause voice messaging personal mail server credentials to not be set correctly.
  • Added a default temporary file location for file uploads.
  • Fixed bug that could cause MWIDeliveryToMobileEndpoint settings to not be set correctly.
  • Fixed bugs in Group To Enterprise Migration that could cause devices to not be assigned correctly.
  • Fixed bug that caused some Group Call Processing fields to not be set correctly. (R22 Only)

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