RedHat/CentOS 7 Alpaca Upgrade

This is an upgrade guide for an existing Alpaca installation.


  • An existing installation of Alpaca.
  • Credentials to access the Alpaca server as root.
  • Working knowledge of ssh and file transfer tool such as scp.


The guide is split into sections based on the server or machine that the operations should be performed. It is also in chronological order. Performing the steps from top to bottom is the desired procedure.

Local Work Station

Alpaca Server

Upgrading from version 6.6.0 or later.

  • Step: A-1
  • Commands:
    1. # cd /tmp
    2. # rpm -U --noscripts alpaca-server-21sp1-6.6.7-RELEASE_1.x86_64.rpm

Upgrading from version 6.5.3 or earlier.

  • Step: A-1
  • Commands:
    1. Turn off the existing Alpaca service.
      • # service alpaca stop
    2. Remove the Alpaca service script.
      • # rm /etc/init.d/alpaca
    3. Remove the Alpaca symlink in the "/opt" directory if it exists.
      • # rm /opt/alpaca
    4. Install the Alpaca Server RPM
      • # yum install -y alpaca-server-ALPACA_VERSION.x86_64.rpm