Release Notes

Last Updated: 04/12/2019 The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 6.6.7 of Alpaca.

This version includes support for the R21sp1 and R22 versions of the BroadWorks API.

The list of pre-Alpaca 6.6.0 changes is at the bottom of this page.


  • Released April 12, 2019

What's Fixed

  • Fixed bug that caused a failed task to report as a success.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a task to be launched without a User attached, causing loss of task tracking function.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a Default Collaborate Bridge to not migrate correctly.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the line port for Service Provider Access Devices from being transformed during migrations.


  • Released April 11, 2019

What's Fixed

  • [AL-1724] - Fixed issue that caused the domain of a Collaborate Bridge to not be properly transformed during Enterprise Migration.
  • Fixed bug that caused AutoAttendants with menus that referenced other menus to not be migrated correctly.


  • Released March 29, 2019

What's Fixed

  • [AL-1704] - Fixed bug that caused some announcement files to not be assigned correctly to items like Auto Attendants because of the announcement name containing a /.
  • [AL-1703] - Fixed bug that caused Virtual On-Net Enterprise Extensions to not be migrated correctly if there were more than 100 present.

What's New

  • Added System Access Devices as a first class object. They are now searchable, have their own landing page, and can be migrated.


  • Released March 09, 2019

What's Fixed

  • [AL-1665] Removed pageSize from pageable for list of users in drag and drop for Group to Enterprise Migration.
  • Fixed launch issues on Redhat5.

What's Changed

  • Added sorting of clusters on the dashboard alphabetically.


  • Released February 25, 2019

What's Fixed

  • [AL-1672] - Added filter on the tags index for entries less that 1024 characters to prevent size overflow.
  • [AL-1680] - Fixed bug that caused request retries to be fired to the cache instead of to BroadWorks.
  • Updated the TimeZone requirement check so that it includes timezones used by Service Instances.
  • [AL-1677] - Fixed bug that caused errors when trying to update credentials for a Cluster with a space in its nickname.
  • [AL-1673] - Improved the SystemLicensing requirement check so that it now checks if a licensed service is available on the source but not the destination.
  • [AL-1674] - Alpaca now automatically maps timezones between source and destination in the case that the timezones are the same but use a different name, i.e America/New_York and US/Eastern
  • [AL-1670] - Service Provider Migration Requirement checks to perform the available transforms prior to checking requirements.
  • [AL-1682] - User Group Services (incoming calling plan, outgoing calling plan) are now migrated for Service Instances.

What's Changed

  • [AL-1675] - Added Service Provider Migration Requirement check to verify that if the destination BroadWorks Server has its Voice Portal Passcode Rules "Rules apply to" setting set to Users and Administrators that the source is also set that way.
  • [AL-1675] - Added Requirement check for System Portal Passcode rules. The source cannot have less strict rules than the destination.
  • [AL-1678] - BroadWorks Credentials on the account page are now sorted.
  • [AL-1681] - Added RequirementError for CollaborateBridge settings that conflict with system level settings.


  • Released February 13, 2019

What's Fixed

  • Fixed issue with AbstractContext multi-threading.

What's Changed

  • Added ability to use private Application Server addresses.


  • Released February 6, 2019

What's Fixed

  • Fixed a number of memory management issues to allow for Alpaca to better utilize the available server memory.
  • Speed improvements to the UserDetailsReport and UserServiceAssignmentsReport.
  • Fixed issue with HostID validation preventing Alpaca Users from being added from two clusters behind a single XSP.
  • Speed improvements for acknowledging all alerts.
  • Fixed issue with Search Index re-sync occurring more than intended when updating an out of date Alpaca system.
  • [REMOTE] - Fixed issue with running remote against an empty Audit Logs directory.
  • Fixed issue with BroadWorks cluster having duplicate credentials in the database.
  • [REMOTE] - Memory improvements on the remote outbound message queue.

What's Changed

  • [AL-1575] - Removed ability to display BroadWorks' anchors in web interface.
  • [AL-1033] - Added pre-validation of Group and User ID prior to provisioning.


  • Released January 16, 2019

What's New

  • Added the ability to pause the task manager. When paused, the current task will complete, but the next task will no start until the Task Manager has been resumed.
  • Websocket notifications - Client notifications when the WebSocket is connected/disconnected. Notifications when tasks are completed, paused, or resumed.
  • Added logic to determine if the audit log queue is out of order and if so, force a re-sync and re-poll information from BroadWorks.
  • Added the ability to add custom plugins (transforms and provisioning plugins) to Alpaca.
  • Individual User's timezone is now settable via the Account settings page. Displayed times will be adjusted for this selected timezone. Defaults to the system default timezone.
  • [AL-1618] Added user id length requirement check.
  • Added "Reset Devices" option to the Reset Authentication wizards.

What's Changed

  • Migration wizards now collect all information during the first step.
  • When returning to a previous wizard step after performing an encumbrance or requirement check, the previous results will clear.
  • Added NCOS field to the User Details Report.
  • Created/Last Updated dates are now displayed as the exact date if over a day old.
  • [REMOTE] - Remote and Server versions must be the same otherwise Alpaca Remote will not start.
  • [AL-1482] - Updated cluster transform so that if adopting destination default domain, Alpaca removes the previous default domain from the domain lists.
  • Expanded the tags that are stored for a search index or audit log to make for more robust searches.
  • [AL-1063] - The device type dropdown for the Polycom Phone Services tool now filters device types that support PPS and don't already have it assigned.
  • User Replace and User Add now validate the new User Id length with values from BroadWorks.
  • Removed the "Customize" button from reports. The customization window is now automatically brought up when "Run" is clicked.
  • TimeFilter filters now display which field is being filtered on.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed issue that could cause audit log file state re-sync to happen indefinitely if audit logs parsing gets out of order.
  • [R22] - Fixed bug that prevented the user from updating their credentials via the Account Settings page.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Audit Log Report from running correctly from the Cluster level.
  • [AL-1645] Fixed bug that was causing a 405 error during imports.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Meet Me Conferencing Report from completing correctly.
  • Fixed bug where Users could filter audit logs by Clusters that they do not have access to.
  • Fixed bug that caused a null pointer during the Device Details Report.
  • Fixed bug in User Replace that could cause the "New User" field in the task header bar to be incorrect.

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