Release Notes

Last Updated: 03/11/2020 The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 7.1.6 of Alpaca.

This version includes support for the R21sp1 and R22 versions of the BroadWorks API.

The list of pre-Alpaca 7.1.0 changes is at the bottom of this page.


  • Release 03/11/2020

What's Fixed

  • [AL-1904] - Fixed issue with file streams being left open after a task completes.
  • Updated GroupAccessDeviceImport to not perform TimesTen credentials setting if the alias is null.


  • Release 02/07/2020

What's Fixed

  • Fixed bug that could cause Hunt Groups to be stored within the database without a domain, causing constant re-syncs because the instance could not be found.
  • [AL-1849] - Fixed issue with task completion emails not being sent.
  • [AL-1834] - Added additional client logging for the Reset Sip Authentication Task.
  • [AL-1842] - Adjusted License Service Provider Migration Requirement so that if a service is not being used, it is not considered for a migration requirement.
  • Fixed issue that could cause a report to not be marked as a report in some instances.
  • [AL-1806] - Added logic to disable the device migration device name text box if the device type that is selected has a configured template that does not have the {deviceName} tag.
  • [AL-1881] - Added User Migration Requirement Check for users who have Polycom Phone Services enable and a Group Custom Contact Directory configured for that PPS instance. The directory must be available on the destination.

What's Changed

  • Added client logging for the BroadWorks Sync Task and Search Index Re-population Task.
  • [AL-1835] - Added a default Communigate authority for installations with the Communigate license.
  • Improved task queuing to be less taxing on the system.
  • [AL-1841] - Added default configuration in the log4j2.xml for how long to keep a log file before deleting from the system.


  • Release 10/30/2019

What's Changed

  • [AL-1810] - Changed default BroadWorks request encoding from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.
  • UserReplace is now included under the UserMigration license feature.

What's Fixed

  • [AL-1839] - Fixed issue that caused the SearchIndexRepopulationTask to not be correctly instantiated when pulled from the task queue.
  • [AL-1840] - Fixed issue that could cause multiple SearchIndexRepopulationTasks to be queued.


  • Release 10/18/2019

What's Fixed

  • Fixed bug that caused device type to not be changed correctly when performing a device migration.
  • Fixed bug that caused a NullPointer when a Service Instance could not be found in the database.


  • Release 10/15/2019

What's Fixed

  • [AL-1836] - Fixed StackOverFlowError that occurred during task setup.
  • [AL-1837] - Fixed NULLPointerException that could occur when when performing a re-sync on a User or Service Instance.


  • Released 10/14/2019

What's Fixed

  • Fixed TimesTen error that occurred during Profile Server validation.
  • [AL-1829] - Communigate Voicemail Wizard item in the tools dropdown now appears even if not licensed.
  • [AL-1830] - Set task authority on all default roles.
  • [AL-1831] - Default Alpaca Roles are now deletable (excludes AlpacaAdmin and BroadWorks Admin roles).
  • [AL-1832] - Fixed bug that allowed a non-deletable role to be deleted after a validation error occurred during update.
  • Fixed issue with a User's authentication getting reset even if they have devices that do not support it.
  • Fixed issue with a License Alert not having an associated cluster.


  • Released 10/09/2019

What's New

  • Added Bulk User Delete task that allows the deletion of multiple users within the same Group as a single task.
  • Added Bulk Device Reboot task that allows the multiple devices within the same Group to be rebooted as a single task.
  • Added Alpaca Roles
  • Service Instances are now first class objects that will appear in searches and audit logs.
  • Non-Alpaca admins can no longer clear alerts. Only Alpaca Admins can clear alert. Regular users can hide the alert, but only for their user.
  • Added selection interface that allows selecting multiple objects to be selected to perform a single task on.
  • [AL-1781] - Added CallProcessingCallLimitsReport report.
  • Emergency CLID report.

What's Changed

  • Improved error display when uploading files to Alpaca.
  • A warning message is now displayed before allowing the reset of an Application Server token.
  • Tasks are now queued and certain tasks have the ability to be scheduled for a future date.
  • If a task has an attachment and "Send completion email" was selected, you now only receive one email instead of two.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed bug that prevented Service Provider level custom tags and tag sets from being migrated.
  • Fixed bug that could cause the audit log processing scheduler to die if an error occurred, causing audit logs to not be processed.
  • Fixed bug that allowed white space at the end of an IP address.
  • Fixed issue with actions panel not displaying items if the user was not finished loading.
  • [AL-1807] - Fixed issue with headers not being written for CSV reports.
  • [AL-1815] - Fixed issue with a number of requests that took arrays as parameters and would cause an OCI validation error if a null or empty array was passed in.
  • Fixed error that occurred if a task log no longer existed when trying to load the task page.
  • Fixed error that occurred if a task referenced a deleted object in it's related field.
  • Fixed logic in ResetAuthenticationTask so that a User's authentication password will not be reset if all their devices are not DMS.

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