Release Notes

Last Updated: 02/22/2021 The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 8.1.1 of Alpaca.

This version includes support for the R22 version of the BroadWorks API.


  • Released 02/22/2021

What's New

  • Added Host Id display to the BroadWorks cluster display.
  • Added a button to re-poll and update a Clusters host ids from BroadWorks.

What's Fixed

  • [AL-2394] - Fixed a bug that prevented Admins from editing Cluster with names less than 5 characters.
  • [AL-2395] - Fixed pagination on the Alpaca Users table.
  • Fixed bug in User Replace Task that could cause a validation error and prevent the task from completing successfully.


  • Released 02/5/2021

What's Fixed

  • Fixed issue with Alpaca Remote handling 0 byte BroadWorks log files.
  • Fixed issues with Alpaca Users with login type User, accessing User Services that are not accessible by Users in BroadWorks.

What's Changed

  • Updated the Alpaca File management system to contain a managed and unmanaged section for automated cleanup.
  • Alpaca no longer logs modified passwords or passcodes.
  • User interface updates for read only settings.
  • Group Add wizard now has more options to configure for a new Group.
  • User Add wizard now has more options to configure for a new User.

What's New

  • Added support for Group Admin Logins.
  • Added support for managing Group level services and settings:
    • Acct/Auth Codes - Administration
    • Acct/Auth Codes - Codes Management
    • Activate Numbers
    • Advice of Charge
    • Agent Default Settings
    • Agent Theshold Profiles
    • Agent Unavailable Codes
    • Assign Domains
    • Assign Enterprise Trunk Number Prefixes
    • Assign Enterprise Trunk Number Ranges
    • Assign Group Services
    • Assign Network Classes of Service
    • Assign Numbers
    • Assign Office Zones
    • Assign Route Point External Systems
    • Auto Attendant
    • Call Centers
    • Call Disposition Codes
    • Call Park
    • Call Pickup
    • Call Processing Policies
    • Call Recording Platform
    • Collaborate Bridges
    • Communication Barring - Profiles
    • Communication Barring Authorization Codes
    • Departments
    • Device Configuration
    • Dial Plan Policy
    • Dialable Caller ID
    • Enterprise Trunk
    • Exchange Integration
    • Existing User Services
    • Group Night Forwarding
    • Group Paging
    • Group Paging Targets Capacity
    • Group Web Policies
    • Hunt Group
    • IMRNs
    • Incoming Calling Plan
    • Instant Group Call
    • Integrated IM&P
    • Intercept Group
    • Meet-Me Conference Bridges
    • Meet-Me Conference Ports
    • Mobile Subscriber Directory Numbers
    • Music/Video On Hold
    • New User Services Template
    • Outgoing Calling Plan
    • Outgoing Digit Plan
    • Outgoing Pinhole Digit Plan
    • Passcode Rules
    • Password Rules
    • Pre-Alerting Announcement
    • Preferred Carrier Group
    • Profile
    • Routing Policy Settings
    • Routing Profile
    • Schedules
    • Services
    • Session Admission Control Capacity
    • Session Admission Control Group
    • Third-Party Voice Mail Support
    • Transfer Numbers
    • Trunk Group
    • Trunking Call Capacity
    • Virtual On-Net Users
    • Voice Messaging
    • Voice Portal
    • Voice XML
  • Added Bulk User Import at the Group level.

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