Call Reporter

Release Notes

Last Updated: 11/12/2017

The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 3.0.3 of Call Reporter.

This version is a patch release that includes bug fixes.


What's Fixed

  • Fixed bug that caused results to be incorrect if using both terminating and originating filters.

What's Changed

  • Reworded "CDR File Date Range Start" to "Call Range Start".
  • Added seconds to the start and end tine output for calls in reports.


What's Fixed

  • Changed Call Records Report heading "Duration Minutes" to "Duration Seconds" to match the output.
  • Updated download code to support downloading from Internet Explorer 9+.
  • Traffic Study - Fixed error with report output putting international data in the intra-carrier section.
  • Traffic Study - NPA matching is now occurring against the normalized number.
  • Traffic Study - Lookup of intra-Carrier calls is more lenient. Previously it was exactly matching the provided string.


What's Changed

  • Table headers have been adjusted for readability.

What's Fixed

  • Group level admins will not receive an error upon logging in.
  • Fixed error that caused table rows to disappear when clicked.


What's New

  • Users now have the ability to export a summary of calls and minutes as a .csv file.
  • A User's previous query is retained between uses.
  • A new table that shows total calls for the queried entity.
  • Added Help Button in the search table.
  • Added Traffic Study tool. See Traffic Study.

What's Changed

  • Report tables now appear as separate collapsible tables.
  • All tables can now be sorted by their columns.
  • Tables now have multiple pages to improve readability.

What's Fixed

  • Upon deletion of self, CallReporter is redirected to the login screen.