FraudStopper is a high-performance Fraud alerting and protection system for VoIP Service Providers and Enterprises. Based on years of research at Service Providers large and Small, FraudStopper represents a milestone for effective, affordable Layer-7 network defense.

The Auto-Analysis Learning Engine calculates the probability that each call of interest is fraudulent based on known patterns of user behavior.

Data Sources

FraudStopper processed data sources in real-time to reduce the time between the on-set of fraud and detection. FraudStopper currently supports input from two different data sources:

  • BroadWorks
  • IPIfony


When FraudStopper detects potentially fraudulent calls, it will send an email and SNMP trap to our 24x7 Network and Security Operations Center.


FraudStopper is licensed on a per user basis. The system tracks users that makes outgoing calls to the PSTN for a period of time defined in the configuration file. Each tracked user takes one license.

For estimation purposes, operators should assume that any user that is capable of making an outgoing call could use a license if a fraud event occurs.

Tracked users are removed from the system when they have not made a call within the history window. This frees up the associated license and returns it to the pool.