SurgeSuppressor requires a SurgeSuppressor and an Alpaca properties file to be configured correctly to process AuditLog files.

SurgeSuppressor Properties

SurgeMail Properties

  • protocol : The protocol used to access the SurgeMail server.
  • host : The address of SurgeMail sever.
  • path : The path element of the URI.
  • show : Controls the file template used by SurgeMail to return the REST responses.
  • adminUsername : The SurgeMail admin Username.
  • adminPassword : The SurgeMail admin Password.
  • loginTimeoutMinutes : The amount of time before timing out during a login attempt.
"surgeMailProperties": {
    "protocol": "http",
    "host": "",
    "path": "/cgi/user.cgi",
    "show": "surgesuppressor.json",
    "adminUsername": "",
    "adminPassword": "Admin-PassWord-1",
    "loginTimeoutMinutes": 60

SMMP Properties

  • getSetAddress : This is the port to watch for trap information and should be set to the local machine.
  • sendNotifications : This is the location to send the trap information. This location needs setup to listen for incoming snmp trap information.
  • v2Community : This is the community name for trap information. Typically this is “public”.
  • heartbeatPlugin : This is a library that listens to the application thread and alerts if the program has closed unexpectedly.
"snmpProperties": {
    "getSetAddress": "",
    "sendNotifications": "",
    "v2Community": "public",
    "heartbeatPlugin": "org.friendlysnmp.plugin.heartbeat.PluginHeartbeat"

Other Properties

  • auditLogPaths : List of paths to the Application Server audit logs.
  • emailCreationMode : {USERID, PATTERN, PERMISSIVE}. See introduction for more information
  • emailCreationPattern : The regex pattern to use for the PATTERN email creation mode.
  • emailDomain : The domain name to use when creating and validating email addresses. In addition, whenever SurgeSuppressor creates an account in SurgeMail while in USERID or PATTERN mode, it uses this domain.
  • renameAccountsAsDelete : This option allows accounts to be renamed and saved rather than being removed when removal has been triggered.
  • validAdministrators : It checks the name of the administrator making a change to see if they are allowed by SurgeSuppressor to modify voice mailboxes. The default does not restrict anyone.
  • validUsers : When an audit log is processed, if the modified User's id does not match the pattern, SurgeMail will not perform the action. The default does not restrict anyone.
"auditLogPaths": [
  "emailCreationMode": "PATTERN",
  "emailCreationPattern": "vm_%userid%",
  "emailDomain": "",
  "renameAccountsAsDelete": false,
  "validAdministrators": ".*",
  "validUsers": ".*"

Alpaca Properties

See Alpaca Configuration Guide