• Java JDK 1.8
  • Access to a directory or directories housing BroadWorks Audit logs. This is typically done via NFS.
  • A SurgeMail administrator account for the managed domain.
  • SurgeMail must have REST response installed. This file will be located in SurgeMail's /web directory (specified as web_path in the SurgeMail configuration). For example, the web_path may be /usr/local/surgemail/web/. The name of the show file, typically surgesuppressor.json, is then specified in the SurgeSuppressor configuration file under show. An example surgesuppressor.json is included in the SurgeSuppressor installation tarball, and shown below.

Complete content of "surgesuppressor.json"

  "detailMessage": "||message2||",
  "requestSuccessful": false,
  "simpleMessage": "||message||",
  "utoken": "||utoken||"


  • Download the SurgeSuppressor tarball to the /opt folder on the server.
  • Untar the tarfile
  • Create a symlink from the new SurgeSuppressor folder to /opt/surgesuppressor ln -s surgesuppressor-2.0.0 /opt/surgesuppressor
  • Create the surgesuppressor user with the home directory of /opt/surgesuppressor
  • Change the ownership of the /opt/surgesuppressor folder and all of it's children
  • Copy the ECG license file ecg.license.txt into the conf folder
  • Edit the conf/ file to configure the BroadWorks cluster element for the desired BroadWorks install. See the Alpaca configuration guide for further details.
  • Edit the conf/ to configure SurgeSuppressor settings. See the configuration guide for additional information.
  • Copy the surgesuppressor file into /etc/init.d
  • Run chkconfig --add surgesuppressor and chkconfig surgesuppressor on
  • SurgeSuppressor can then be started running service surgesuppressor start

SNMP Traps

SurgeSuppressor can be monitored by watching the SNMP trap information from the program. This will quickly let you know if SurgeSuppressor is running as intended. It will also give information about errors encountered.

Setup on a monitoring system can be accomplished using the following MIBs.

Setup NFS

Setup NFS Exports on the BroadWorks Application Servers

Make sure the following packages are installed:

Add something similar to the /etc/exports file


chkconfig nfs on
chkconfig rpcbind on

service nfs start
service rpcbind start