Release Notes

Last Updated: 11/06/2019

The ECG team is pleased to announce the release version 3.0.0 of SurgeSuppressor.

This version includes support for the R20sp1, R21sp1, and R22 versions of the BroadWorks API.

The complete list of changes is at the bottom of this page.

Upgrading from a previous version of SurgeSuppressor involves a large number of changes. Please refer to the installation details.


What's New

  • Added R22 BroadWorks Support.
  • RPM based installation.
  • Added SNMP trap for SurgeMail connection failure.

What's Changed

  • Updated password handling to generate passwords for accounts rather than passing provided values to SurgeMail. This is necessary due to changes within R22.
  • SurgeSuppressor will now wait when encountering connection issues until they are resolved before continuing to process logs.
  • The configuration has been centralized inside the spring configuration file.
  • The installation layout has been updated.
    • Configuration is now located at /etc/surge-suppressor
    • Logs are now location at /var/log/surge-suppressor
    • Application files are still at /opt/surge-suppressor
  • Combined the USERID and PATTERN creation modes into a single mode called PRESCRIBED.


What's New

  • Added BroadWorks Connection retry. If SurgeSuppressor boots up and there is no connection to BroadWorks or SurgeSuppressor loses connection while running it will attempt to reconnect based on an Exponential Backup up to 100 attempts.
  • Added BroadWorks Connection failure SNMP notification.


What's New

  • Added control of e-mail address generation. This can now be configured to three options.
    • USERID - This is the original mode that enforces e-mail addresses and usernames to have the BroadWorks UserID.
    • PATTERN - This allows the specification of a pattern that uses the UserID value. The pattern is configurable.
    • PERMISSIVE - This generates the email address as specified by the provisioner. This is unsafe and should only be used if the other options are unavailable.

What's Changed

  • Now built using Java 1.8.
  • Now uses the SurgeMail REST API to perform modifications rather than the TellMail command-line utility.
  • Logging now uses Log4j2 for configuration.
  • The configuration is now written in JSON using the ECG properties library.
  • Now uses ECG integrated licensing.
  • SNMP traps now include more detailed text for error messages.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed issue with BroadWorksServer sockets not closing correctly.
  • Fixed issue with the set starting location flag not executing.