Alpaca API BroadWorks provisioning without XML

Are you tired of wading through reams of XML specs to understand each new BroadSoft release?
Are you delaying major feature upgrades because you’re waiting to upgrade your provisioning platform?

Code to update user’s passwords with Alpaca:

With the Alpaca API (formerly Alpaca Library), you can write code to create and manage enterprises, users, groups, assign features with a clean Java API.

Alpaca is multi-threaded, high-speed, and strongly-typed. The library supports request bundling for major performance gains. Regular updates from ECG ensure you have the BroadWorks OCI-P support you need.

List users = alpaca.getAllUsersInSystem();
for (User u : users) {
  String p = generatePassword();
  u.setAuthentication(u.getUserId(), p);

Alpaca API features

The Alpaca API provides the following features through the Java API:

  • Enterprise creation and deletion
  • Group creation and deletion
  • User creation and deletion
  • Assign telephone numbers to enterprises, groups, and users
  • Authorize and assign group and user services to enterprises, groups, and users
  • Create a hunt group, and assign members to it
  • Create a call pickup group, and assign members to it
  • Create a basic call center, and assign agents to it
  • Create group access devices, and assign users to it
  • Assign a user to shared call appearance on a group access device
  • Retrieve details on trunk groups
  • Change a group access device from one type to another type
  • Synchronize BroadWorks enterprises, groups, users, services, and group access devices to a MySQL database for convenient reporting
  • Randomize SIP authentication credentials for users with group access devices
  • Other convenience methods for preventing toll fraud

Advanced features

Move users between groups, including greetings, passwords, and device configurations.

Do detailed management of group and user settings on each of the features.

Get programmatic access to BroadWorks Call Center features, allowing service providers to automatically modify BroadWorks call center settings with a convenient interface.

Get the library

Contact ECG to find out more about Alpaca API.