Alpaca Web Tired of tedious tasks in BroadWorks?

Alpaca Web is our web-based toolsuite for making difficult – or impossible – BroadWorks tasks … easy.

There’s a better way

Save Time

Alpaca Web turns hour and day-long tasks into minutes. Keep your technical staff focused on hard problems, not tedious manual processes.

Trust Your Data

Without Alpaca Web, complex user and device management tasks lead to mistakes or shortcuts that introduce inaccuracies to your BroadWorks database.

Move Faster

Get new users and devices up and going without the wait. Reduce disruptive downtimes. Perform upgrades and introduce network changes with confidence.

Four big tools that you may not have expected

1. Device Migration

Replacing a phone or changing a device in BroadWorks is often a multi-step process. All of the users must be removed from the old device, the old device needs to be deleted, a new device needs to be created, and all of the users reprovisioned on the new device. BroadWorks device tags can be lost, along with speed dials and calls lists. The process is time-intensive and error-prone.

Alpaca Web’s Device Migration tool cuts down the steps to replacing a device, while also retaining the settings, assigned Users, configuration files, and custom tags you would have lost through BroadWorks.

2. User Replacement

When an employee leaves the organization or changes positions, it’s often necessary to change the customizations of the BroadWorks user. But doing so means losing the embedded business logic associated with that user, such as Call Forward Always, Hunt Groups, and Call Centers.

Alpaca Web’s User Replacement tool allows you to replace the individual user specifics, such as user ID, user name (First and Last), email addresses, and voice greetings, without losing the business logic.

3. User Migration

In large organizations, a user may be placed in one BroadWorks group, and highly customized with services, settings, greetings, devices, and memberships.

When that user needs to be moved to a different group, the user must be deleted from the old group and added back, with all their details, to the new group. This is a very disruptive operation that is prone to human error.

Alpaca Web’s User Migration tool allows the BroadWorks users to be moved from one group to another with no loss of information, settings, passwords, greetings, or attached files.

4. Enterprise Migration

In large organizations, a ServiceProvider or Enterprise may be on one BroadWorks System but needs to be relocated to another BroadWorks System for reasons such as:

  • Moving from legacy hardware to modern hardware
  • Moving from special enterprise to private server
  • Companies merging, and needing to collapse the number of AS Clusters
  • Moving an enterprise from production to lab

Alpaca Web’s Enterprise Migration tool allows the ServiceProvider or Enterprise to be moved from one BroadWorks System to another with no loss of information, settings, passwords, greetings, or any attached files.


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