Metzo A unified communications platform

Metzo makes deploying BroadWorks simple for Large Enterprise and Government agencies.


Metzo gives your organization a complete communications transformation, from costly and complex legacy PBX networks to a modern unified platform.

Metzo installs in weeks, ready to deliver robust, feature-rich service for any organization. Metzo offers an environment that will be familiar to legacy PBX users, while adding advanced unified communications services available through BroadWorks.

A world of difference


With Metzo, the integration work has been done for you. You get the power of the best-in-breed vendors in a pre-integrated package. Just plug it in, turn it on, and you’re ready to take advantage of Metzo’s suite of advanced unified communications features. ECG has been providing leading edge network integrations for 10+ years.


Optional modules add flexibility by providing you integration with both legacy and cutting edge technologies: 1000+ analog POTS lines with faxing capability, ISDN PRIs, IPSEC & TLS/SRTP encryption. A wide variety of BroadWorks compatible phone types work right out of the box; including Polycom, Cisco, and Aastra.

More Secure

With Metzo, advanced security comes built-in. Metzo uses best-in-the-business Acme Packet SBCs to protect your network from outside threats and DDoS attacks, the proven FraudStopper fraud protection solution to protect you from theft of service, and device authentication and encryption to close next-gen attack vectors.

Advanced Enterprise Features

Take your enterprise into the world of advanced SIP-based Unified Communications features: Voicemail to Email Integration, One-Number Available Anywhere, Multi-level Auto-Attendant, Advanced Call Center and Receptionist Clients, Meet-Me Conferencing, Integration, Mac and Windows Click-To-Dial.

Supported 24x7

Operation, maintenance, and support of the entire Metzo platform is included in the package, from Migrations to Moves/Adds/Changes to Day-to-Day Operations.

Simplified Migration

Migrate from your legacy system without pain: Metzo comes standard with proven migration tools to move your users to the new unified platform with minimal hassle and downtime.

Feature Suite

Metzo features are pre-integrated, which drastically reduces deployment time and hassle.

  • Unified Messaging
  • Bulk User Provisioning
  • Simplified Self-Service Portal
  • Roaming User Support
  • Remote Survivable Sites
  • 1000+ POTS Lines
  • Fax Machine Support
  • SIP Carrier Interconnect
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning for SIP Phones
  • Client SSL authentication for SIP Phones
  • 24x7 Fraud Protection
  • HIPAA / NIST 800-58 Compatible Encryption
  • End-to-End Network Visibility for Troubleshooting

Advanced Enterprise Features

  • Unified messaging
  • One number available anywhere
  • Auto attendant
  • Business conferencing
  • Multi-Party NWay Video Conferencing
  • Call center applications
  • Remote office management
  • Fraud Detection

Add-on Modules

  • Fax-Compatible Analog POTS Lines
  • ISDN PRI and CAS T1/E1
  • IPSEC Encryption
  • TLS/SRTP Encryption
  • End-to-End Infrastructure Visibility
  • 1000+ POTS Lines
  • Forced Authorization Codes

Comprehensive Support


Metzo deployment within your site can be completed within weeks. The deployment process includes delivery and installation of all equipment and connection to your enterprise data network. All servers are connected with redundant data links and electrical power feeds for high reliability.

On-Site Phone Placement and Migration

Migrating from a legacy PBX platform to Metzo requires a clear understanding of your existing infrastructure, call flows, features, trunking, and groups. ECG develops a migration plan that fits your schedule to migrate your users in a way that minimizes impact and risk.


Metzo support provides full support for moves, adds, and changes within the VoIP network. With a single call to your Metzo support desk, you can easily make any subscriber changes within the network. You can physically move VoIP phones between Metzo Ethernet ports within the infrastructure, or use Metzo on-site Resident Engineering support for physical moves within the campus.


The Metzo platform will be monitored 24x7 for network outages, down devices, and components nearing utilization overloads. Continuous monitoring and escalation proactively ensures a reliable, carrier-grade service for your users.

End-User Help Desk

When Metzo End-Users have questions about their service or problems, they can call in to the help desk that is staffed 24x7 and get their problems solved quickly. This support, which comes standard with Metzo, lifts the support staffing burden from enterprises, and provides high quality support from day-one.

Fraud Monitoring and Response

Metzo includes FraudStopper, the proven fraud detection and mitigation solution. International and expensive destination calls are monitored in real time, and trained technicians respond to fraud events quickly, shutting them down before they can become costly.

System Upgrades

Metzo support will upgrade the Metzo platform periodically to remain current with new features and protection for new security vulnerabilities. These upgrades and maintenance include all Metzo components, including SIP Phones, SBCs, Servers, POTS Gateways, and PSTN Gateways.

Transform your communications

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