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ECG Courses


Cisco BroadWorks Provisioning Users for UC and Hosted PBX

Master the fundamentals of Cisco BroadWorks features and services so you can build BroadWorks Users, Devices, Enterprises, Service Providers, and Call Centers. Understand Device Management. Manage key features including Hunt Groups and Shared Call Appearance. Prevent Fraud through safe configurations. 2 class sessions / 1 week / 4 PDH.

Packet Capture Analysis of Voice Networks with Wireshark

Use Wireshark to identify and resolve thorny problems, including Voice, Video and Meeting Networks. Get hands-on experience with numerous scenarios and graded projects to build your skills. Get experience viewing IPv6. 2 weeks / 4 class sessions / 8 PDH.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) in Real World Networks

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the fundamental protocol for setting up and managing voice calls, and many text messages. It's used on mobile phones, desk phones, and on links between carriers in the US, Canada, and around the world. Get a deep-dive introduction and have your questions answered with real-world examples demonstrating the important features and troubleshooting methods for SIP in Voice and meeting networks. This course covers SHAKEN/STIR Caller Authentication. 1.5 week / 3 sessions / 6 PDH.

Session Border Controller (SBC) Essential Architecture and Operations

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are a major part of Voice and Video networks used by Mobile, UCaaS, and other Service Providers. Learn the purposes of SBCs, how they relate to other call routing and security components. Discover how bad actors (hackers) attack networks and how SBCs are deployed to mitigate the risk. You'll see how they address NAT issues with a detailed look at IP addresses and port numbers, and are used for SIP Peering (Network-to-Network Interface, NNI) connections. This material applies to Oracle Acme Packet SBCs, Sansay, Metaswitch Perimeta, Ribbon, Audiocodes, and others. Graded Exams; Certificate provided. 1 class session / 2 PDH.

Audio & Video Quality for Voice Service Providers

The most common complaint among telecom users is garbled audio. Media -- Audio and Video -- in Voice and Video networks is notoriously hard to guarantee. This class explains how media works in Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), along with the effects of packet loss and network bandwidth problems, along with mitigation methods like jitter buffers. Graded Exams and Certificate provided. 1 class session / 2 PDH

Linux for Telecom & Service Providers

To use software and systems from Cisco, Metaswitch/Microsoft, Ribbon, and others you need some core knowledge of Linux systems. This course is for those with no Linux experience who need to be prepared to properly manage key telecom systems. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH.

Cybersecurity Essentials for Telecom and Service Providers

Cybersecurity risks are real threats to telecom and service providers such as Data Center Operators, Internet Service Providers, and Voice Service Providers. But the threats for Voice and Data Service Providers are distinct from the threats against Enterprise networks, while most of the attention goes to the Enterprise. Get the fundamentals of Cybersecurity appropriate for Service Provider networks so you can troubleshoot and design networks for maximum safety and reliability. Graded Exams, Certificate Provider. 1.5 week / 3 class sessions / 6 PDH.

BroadWorks Software Installation & Upgrade Procedures

The BroadWorks platform is immensely complex, feature rich and has many members in its platform deployment. This course will demonstrate what it takes to install a member of the BroadWorks platform and maintain it through upgrades and rollbacks.

BroadWorks Server Patching

This course takes the student step-by step through the whole process of SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY patching BroadWorks servers.

Cisco BroadWorks Call Control

Cisco BroadWorks is a leading cloud platform used by Mobile and wireline carriers globally for processing voice and video calls. It's a key software system used for routing millions of emergency, government, business, and personal each day. This course explains the system architecture of BroadWorks, all the servers involved, along with call processing, device management, mobile device notifications, and call center reporting. 2 weeks / 4 class sessions / 8 PDH.

Cisco BroadWorks Logs, Analysis, & Troubleshooting

Cisco BroadWorks has numerous log files distributed across many servers. This course covers the BroadWorks Application server logs, including the XSLog, AuditLog, and PSLog. We also cover key logs on other servers, including the Network Server, Media Server, and XSP. We show how to summarize and analyze alerts and traps on servers. We discuss how to troubleshoot Device Management, Calling, Provisioning, PSTN Gateway Operation, and other problems. Sample log files allow you to get practice analyzing real-world log files. Graded Exams; Certificate Provided. 1 class session / 2 PDH.

Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (SBC) - Configuration

Configuring the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (Acme Packet) isn't anything like a router, switch, or server. This course covers the steps to configure an SBC for SIP Peering (Trunking) and for SIP Registration (UC and PBX) with maximum security, fault tolerance, making full use of the Net-SAFE architecture. But beyond simple steps, we explain the rationale, pros/cons, and many alternative options you can consider. Graded Exams, Certificate Provided. 2 weeks / 4 class sessions / 8 PDH.

Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (SBC) - Operations & Troubleshooting

Operating and Troubleshooting the Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (SBC) requires grasping the concepts and also having the skills ready when you need them. This course shows how to view the overall system health, look at traffic on individual trunks/peerings, assess overall system utilization, analyze specific signaling problems, and view detailed logs for advanced troubleshooting. Graded Exams, Certificate Provided. 2 class sessions / 4 PDH.

Sansay VSXi Session Border Controller - Operations & Troubleshooting

The Sansay VSXi Session Border Controller (SBC) is a powerful platform used by Voice Service Providers globally. Once the SBC is setup and running, you need to know how to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot customer issues. This course equips you to understand whether your system is working overall, understand behavior and meaning of statistics for peerings and for SIP Registering devices (for UC / PBX). Be prepared to operate and troubleshoot advanced customer and carrier problems. Graded Exams, Certificate Provided. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH.  

Metaswitch Perimeta Session Border Controller (SBC) - Operations & Troubleshooting

The Metaswitch (Microsoft) Perimeta Session Border Controller (SBC) is used widely in carriers in conjunction with Metaswitch, Cisco, and other platforms. After the Perimeta is online and running, this course enables you to understand how well the system is operating, and identify system irregularities. Analyze the connectivity to Application Servers / CFS, and check the overall health of adjacencies and endpoints. This course demonstrates use of both the Craft interface and the Service Assurance Server (SAS). Graded Exams, Certificate Provided. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH.

Ethics for Engineers - Service Providers and Developers

Software Developers and Telecom Technicians & Engineers have unique ethical responsibilities as they perform their duties. Get familiarity with the codes of ethics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and deal with issues including confidentiality, reliability, trustworthiness, intellectual property. Graded Quizzes. Certificate Provided. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH.

Network Diagram & Troubleshooting Methods

Solid network documentation in the form of diagrams is tremendously valuable for teams operating and enhancing networks, and this course equips you to build the major types of network diagrams, including Ladder/Interactivity, VLAN Diagrams, Subnet Diagrams, Physical Diagrams, and Functional-Flow (Application Protocol) block diagrams. Beyond building diagrams, this course equips you with essential and advanced troubleshooting skills to help you understand and isolate problems rapidly. Graded Quizzes. Certificate Provided. 1 class session / 2 PDH.

Cybersecurity Current Threats for Telecom and Service Providers

Current, up-to-date information threats affecting Service Provider Networks.

Regulations for Emergency Calling & Reliability (USA)

Managers and Engineers need to understand the legal requirements for Voice Telecommunication for Voice Service Providers in the United States. This class focuses on Emergency Calling - e911, Kari's Law, Ray Baum's Act, along with reliability requirements for emergency services and others. Learn the specific laws and regulations so you can design and operate your network within the law. Expert guidance for leaders and technicians, plus live Q&A with an attorney. This course is offered in collaboration with Marashlian and Donahue, the CommLaw group.  Graded Exams. Certificate Provided. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH. Companion Course to ECGT5024

Regulations for Privacy, Call Routing, and Robocalling-SHAKEN/STIR (USA)

Managers and Engineers need to understand the legal requirements for Voice Telecommunication. Get up-to-date expertise on regulations related to privacy, confidentiality, and nuisance calling including SHAKEN/STIR, CPNI, HIPAA, CCPA, and CALEA. Expert guidance for leaders and technicians, plus live Q&A with an attorney. This course is offered in collaboration with Law Firm Marashlian and Donahue, the CommLaw group.  Graded Exams. Certificate Provided. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH. Companion Course to ECGT5022

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Our Instructors

All courses are lab-based and taught by Technical Staff with thousands of hours of field experience designing, building, and troubleshooting real-time voice, video, and data networks.

Sherwin Crown, MS Computer Forensics ECG Partner and Technical Staff. Clients include Verizon Wireless, BellSouth/AT&T, and Telovations.

Mark Lindsey, MS Computer Science ECG Partner and Technical Staff. Clients include Embarq/CenturyLink, BellSouth/AT&T, Centennial de Puerto Rico.

James Puckett, BS Computer Science ECG President and Technical Staff. Clients include Verizon, BellSouth/AT&T, Los Alamos National Labs, and Stage2 Networks.

Brian Tate, BS Electrical Engineering ECG Partner and Technical Staff.