Training Voice & Video Security Updates and Strategy


VoIP networks are subject to attacks that were impossible on SS7 networks. We cover the key attacks and failure conditions. We show how un-protected networks are subject to attackers can interrupt service, steal confidentiality (such as recording phone calls), steal service, overload the system, retrieve customer data, etc. We include US Federal government requirements for Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). And we show how to defend your network against VoIP network attacks.


Live Online Course

Tuesday & Thursday, May 07 - March 09, 2019 2:00pm-5:00pm EST

In-Person Training

On-site training at your location


Protect and expand Voice & Video Collaboration, defending against the latest emerging threats.

ECG works in dozens of Voice and Video networks every month in the public and private sector. We know how critical reliable voice and video collaboration are, and we work daily against the relentless attacks on these platforms. In this training, ECG presents the foundations for Voice and Video security, along with the latest emerging threats and analysis on available products. Private and public Q&A will allow you to get pertinent answers from leading Security engineers and researchers.

  • ECG’s analysis of current, ongoing threats and trends
  • Overview of top threat categories
  • Methods for protecting voice networks using recommended tools and software
  • Intrusion Detection Systems appropriate for voice and video collaboration
  • Firewall and Routing policies
  • Applying encryption for private communications
  • Device/Endpoint Management security strategies


VoIP Call Control & Troubleshooting

Course Contributors

  • Sherwin Crown, MS Computer Forensics, ECG SMTS and VP
  • Mark Lindsey, MS Computer Science, ECG SMTS and VP
  • James Puckett, BS Computer Science, ECG AMTS