Training Hot Topics: Cybersecurity for Critical Networks


Ransomware. Mobile Malware. Port Scanning. Privacy Disclosure. Voicemail hacking. UC Collaboration networks are subject to new attacks and disruptions, and customers value Security and Reliability highest, according to new Frost & Sullivan Resaerch. This update covers the major defenses necessary for reliable, robust, Voice, Unified Communication and Collaboration networks.

In-Person Training

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Protect and expand Voice & Unified Communication (UC) and Collaboration, defending against the latest emerging threats. Get a refresher on fundamentals, an update on the latest threats, and defensive strategies you can deploy to prevent outages.Why ECG? ECG works in dozens of Voice and Video networks every month in the public and private sector. ECG is trusted to improve security and reliability in government, Enterprise, and Service Provider systems every day. We know how critical reliable voice and video collaboration are, and we work daily against the relentless attacks on these platforms. In this training, ECG presents the foundations for Voice and Video security, along with the latest emerging threats and defensive strategies. 

Course Content

  • Fresh, thorough insight
  • Overview of Top Threats and Defense Mechanisms
  • ECG’s analysis of current, ongoing threats and trends
  • Defending against Ramsomware -- by prevention and recovery
  • Methods for protecting voice networks using recommended tools and software
  • Intrusion Detection Systems appropriate for voice and video collaboration
  • Defending against port-scanning with Firewall and Routing policies
  • Applying encryption for private communications
  • Device/Endpoint Management security strategies


Basic Knowledge of Computer/Network Security

Course Contributors

  • Mark Lindsey, MS Computer Science (Mobile Networking), ECG SMTS and VP
  • Sherwin Crown, MS Computer Science (Forensics), ECG SMTS and VP
  • James Puckett, BS Computer Science, ECG SMTS and President
  • Brian Tate, BS Electrical Engineering, ECG SMTS and VP
  • Jon Chleboun, MA, ECG SMTS

Key Skills

Survey - Fundamentals of Cybersecurity for Critical Networks

Preventing Malware on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

SSL/TLS Version Management

Choosing a Cybersecurity Framework

Ransomware defense for Critical Networks, including Voice, Meetings, and UC

Port Scanning Protections

Telecom / Voice Fraud Defense

International Premium Rate Number (IPRN) Fraud Defence

Best tactics and approaches used in US Federal Government