Training Wireshark for VoIP Ninjas


Diagnose and solve the thorniest problems using the popular, open-source tool Wireshark.

In-Person Training

On-site training at your location


The course prepares to you to install and configure Wireshark to maximize your effectiveness for VoIP, creating captures, locating calls and associated media, analyzing QoS for audio and video problems, and using Wireshark’s analytics tools to find trouble spots in a busy SIP/IMS VoIP network.

  • Installing and Customizing Wireshark for effective VoIP Analysis
  • Understanding SIP, RTP, Fax, and T.38 DTMF
  • Finding a specific call, SIP transaction, or dialog
  • Matching a SIP call with its matching audio and video
  • Finding SIP error codes
  • Analyzing audio/video quality, and QoS marking
  • Identifying healthy RTP (SSRC, Mark, ptime, Payload Type)
  • Identifying SIP problems with SIP, NAT, DNS, routing
  • Interpreting RTP streams to identify network engineering problems
  • Finding SIP problems with I/O Graph Analysis
  • Extracting an individual VoIP phone call to a separate file
  • Dealing with Packet Duplication
  • Introduction to tshark for Command-Line VoIP Analysis
  • Big-Data Analysis of SIP and media with tshark
  • Building a packet-capture solution for a carrier or enterprise network
  • Wireshark compared with other tools, including Empirix, HOMER, VoIPMonitor, OCOM, RADCOM, and Tektronix

Course Contributors

  • Mark Lindsey, MS Computer Science, ECG SMTS and VP
  • Michael Lindsey, MA, ECG AMTS
  • James Puckett, BS, ECG SMTS

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