Training Intermediate BroadWorks Support & Operations


Expand your experience of BroadWorks with in-depth provisioning of BroadWorks features and services. This class is meant for Engineers and Technicians with basic experience and training on BroadWorks who need to go in deeper. 

In-Person Training

On-site training at your location


At the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Explain how calls flow through the platform
  • Design and provision Hosted PBX Users
  • Design and Implement SIP trunking services
  • Troubleshoot features using VTR on the Application Server and Network Server
  • Design secure, robust services and configurations
  • Grow the platform with customers and activity
  • Navigate and locate features and services in CommPilot

Course Content

Services and Provisioning. Plan and configure users, services, and devices appropriate for Customer Solutions. Analyze the uses of SIP Phones, Analog Terminal Adapters (ATAs), IADs, Enterprise SBCs, Enterprise PBXs, and SIP Trunks. Design Service Packs and bundles including Shared Call Appearance, Hunt Groups, and Call Centers. Provision BroadWorks with enterprises, service providers, groups, and users.

Introductory Device Management. Understand how BroadWorks generates configurations, and how they are retrieved by Access Devices like SIP Phones and ATAs.

Linux/Unix. The basics of remote access, plus navigating the filesystem, viewing and modifying files. Learn advanced searches for analysis of BroadWorks logs.

Security Fundamentals in BroadWorks Networks. Learn the key basics for providing reliable, highly-secure Voice and Collaboration services. Defend against toll fraud, loss of confidentiality, voicemail fraud.

Essential Server Call Routing. Follow call routing through servers, with focus on identifying servers responsible and methods of testing for call failures. 

Translation and Routing Testing. Learn how to test call routing and feature activation on Application Servers and Network Servers.

Call Routing through BroadWorks Servers. Learn the high-level architectural of calls routing through BroadWorks, including SIP registration, PSTN and SIP-to-SIP calling, failover, media server greetings and recordings, and more.

System Design and Scaling. Learn the essentials of growing BroadWorks systems as user activity and population expands.


Familiarity with Telephony services using PBX or Key systems, or ISDN PRI

Basic knowledge of IP Networking (similar to Cisco or Juniper "Associate" level).

ECGT2010 (Voice and Video Call Processing and Troubleshooting)

Key Skills

  • BroadWorks provisioning and services

  • Hosted PBX Features

  • SIP Trunking

  • CommPilot Provisioning Interface

  • Creating Service Packs

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