BroadSoft team shorthanded? You need better tools.

Alpaca is the force multiplier for your BroadWorks team. Optimize, stop fraud, resolve issues faster.

Full Search

Quickly find anything across multiple BroadWorks clusters

What changed?

View history and settings of anything BroadWorks, get alerts

Smarter Licenses

See how licenses are growing, and get alerts before you run out

Security Alerts

Customized alerts let you detect unexpected activity

Resize Servers

Move Enterprises to new Application Server Clusters


Move Groups between Service Providers & Enterprises


Convert Groups to independent Enterprises

Bulk Provisioning

Bulk load and fully configure your BroadWorks users

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Alpaca: The Missing Link

BroadWorks service providers are familiar with the capabilities and flexibilities available for users. But BroadWorks system management and provisioning can be rigid, requiring special skills and training. Alpaca opens the door for BroadWorks Service Provider’s to have flexibility never available before for user account management, enterprise location/relocation.

ECG has been building VoIP carriers, BroadWorks systems and management tools since 2002. Alpaca brings that experience to your network.

  • Move groups into the right service
  • Build robust custom tools without hacking XML

The Toolsuite

User Users on the Wrong Server? Easy to fix.

BroadWorks Groups and Enterprises are built on a single Application Server cluster. Without Alpaca, the users are stuck — along with their traffic load and complex feature demands. Alpaca solves this by migrating whole Enterprises from one AS cluster to another.

With Alpaca, you can readily give an Enterprise or Service Provider a dedicated AS Cluster. Now you can give special service to your key customers, allowing unprecedented partnership for planning upgrades and enabling new features that are the right fit. Find out more

Phone Wrong Device Type? No Problem.

Yesterday’s BroadWorks operators struggled to convert an IP device to a new device type. It was a labor-intensive activity, so difficult it’s often considered impossible. Alpaca simplifies the task, ensuring every setting is perfectly retained as the device is converted to a new IP device type.

Now you can convert from "PolyTemplate" or "Generic SIP Phone" to the proper device type, quickly and safely. Gain control of your system IP Device inventory.

Next-Generation BroadWorks Security

Under today’s models of VoIP security, once SIP authentication credentials have been disclosed, major work is required to close the security gap. BroadWorks accounts must be updated, device configuration files must be refreshed, and SIP phones and IADs must be restarted.

Alpaca streamlines the entire process into a seamless flow, allowing rapid recovery to any security event, preventing fraud through loss of revenue or privacy. With Alpaca, BroadWorks operators can readily regenerate strong SIP Authentication, portal passwords, and voice portal PINs, then monitor SIP phones and IP devices to ensure each of them downloads the new passwords and restores service. Selected IP devices, such as IADs and Soft clients, can be excluded from the automatic password management.

Alpaca Monitors for re-registration so that, after making changes, you can be confident the changes were accepted and properly processed. This gives Alpaca operators the confidence to make changes rapidly, knowing that customer service has been maintained and security improved.


BroadWorks Users, Where You Need Them

With BroadWorks User, Group and Enterprise Migration, you can right-size your servers, virtual machines, users, and groups to balance the features, risk, and performance. Move users from one group to another. Move groups to other enterprises and servers, move enterprises across servers, and move complex services, including Enterprise call centers. And export to JSON files for easy backup.

No ftp

SIP Phone Security Evolved

FTP-based security for SIP phones is inadequate for web-scale, Over-The-Top (OTT) providers. Without SSL/TLS, FTP cannot provide the authentication nor the privacy necessary for modern operations. HTTPS provides a path forward for SIP devices.

But for established BroadWorks service providers, this conundrum prevents real challenges. How do you provide State-of-the-Art security for devices configured to use FTP or TFTP? How do you prevent outages, customer premise site visits, or device replacement, but avoid the risks of FTP?

Alpaca provides the tool you need to safely convert phones using FTP to HTTP-based DMS device types. With a simple, automated change, you can reconfigure devices so they use an HTTP/HTTPS device type, providing the latest in security protection, and protecting against fraud and DoS attack.

Interface BroadWorks: Faster & More Reliable than OCI

Alpaca provides a programmer’s toolkit for ready, object-oriented access to every deep setting. Beyond the basic capabilities of OCI-P, Alpaca manages server reconnection/disconnection, ensuring your BroadWorks provisioning and processing tasks complete perfectly every time. Alpaca accelerates server connectivity, dropping a 15-minute OCI-P provisioning task to 1 minute.

  • Complete access to every BroadWorks Feature
  • Accelerated operations, 15x standard performance
  • Automatic reconnection on server failure
  • Automated routines for IP phones re-registration monitoring after maintenance
  • Pre-built sample code in Github

Best in Breed Infrastructure

Alpaca is built on the same robust platform as BroadWorks itself, ensuring your BroadWorks team already has the skills necessary to install and manage. This platform meets the latest security standards required by enterprises and Federal Government.

Alpaca is compatible with Active/Standby datacenter installations for full geo-redundancy, ensuring your operations continue even in the event of a full data center failure. This meshes perfectly with BroadWorks geo-redundant applications. BroadWorks uses the XSP interface to route traffic automatically to the correct Application Servers, ensuring data consistency and performance.

Extreme Programmability API

Alpaca provides 100% access to the BroadWorks Provisioning API, allowing you to build code that touches every feature, setting, or option in your BroadWorks platform. No more waiting for custom re-integration with the latest XML, or Professional Services fees to integrate with an advanced BroadWorks feature.

This Alpaca API delivers rapid performance with up to 15 times of the speed over conventional OCI-P XML interface. And you get guaranteed compatibility with each BroadWorks Schema release.

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