Alpaca Alpaca is your BroadWorks management toolset

BroadWorks system management and provisioning can be rigid, requiring special skills and training. Alpaca opens the door for unprecedented flexibility in user account management and enterprise location/relocation.

$1,500 / mo
Receive alerts, generate reports and easily view and modify key settings
Includes 1 Cluster$105 / additional
$5,050 Installation & Product Training
12-month contract
Includes all features of Basic
$3,450 / mo
Easily move or replace Devices and Users, speed up provisioning times
Includes 1 Cluster$241 / additional
$9,100 Installation & Product Training
12-month contract
Includes all features of Advanced
$4,975 / mo
Easily create Groups and Enterprises and move from one Cluster to another
Includes 2 Clusters$326 / additional
$13,300 Installation & Product Training
12-month contract
Momentum Case Study

Why Trust ECG?

“Their expertise in voice engineering is a major reason I lean on ECG. I rely on them for their knowledge, subject matter expertise, and guidance.”

- Mark Hayes, VP of Voice Engineering, Momentum Telecom

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System Insight

View Service Providers/Enterprises, Groups, and Users
View key settings on each User
View Access Device (Identity/Device Profiles) name, MAC address, and assignments
View graph of License utilization over time
View history of changes made to Service Providers / Enterprises, Groups, and Users

System Management

No BroadWorks server downtime – keep processing calls, adding and modifying subscribers
Create Groups
Create Users
Modify Identity/Device Profile Type (Device Type) of a Group-Level Identity/Device Profile (Device)
Modify the MAC address of a Group-Level Identity/Device Profile (Device)
Reset SIP Authentication for every User in a Group
Reset Voice Portal Passcode for a single User
Reset SIP Authentication and monitor all Devices to confirm that they re-register
Reset SIP Authentication for a User
Migrate Users from one Group to another
Replace one User with another, retaining certain user-specific customizations
Bulk Provisioning
Provides fine-grained control of every User setting from a single spreadsheet
Provides custom validation of every spreadsheet value
Supports fully customizable default values
Supports complex provisioning including call pick-up, hunt group, and call center settings
Relocate a Group (with all the settings) to a new Enterprise / Service Provider
Convert a Group in a Service Provider to an independent Enterprise
Copy or Move an Enterprise from one Cluster to another


Authentication Change Alert
License Threshold Alert
High Volume of Changes Alert
Unusual Changes by Administrator Alert
Unusual Time Change Alert
Specify the list of “blacklist admins” for alert purposes
Email any alerts to a set of email addresses, delivered by an SMTP server


Generate all reports in CSV, TSV, or Excel format
Communication Barring Criteria for the BroadWorks system
Communication Barring Profiles for the BroadWorks system
Device Details
Emergency CLIDs
Each Meet Me Conferencing Bridge
Phone Numbers
Which Users have and don’t have Call Forwarding Always assigned
User Details
Each User’s registrations
Service Assignments for Each User
Which Users have and have not Changed their Default Voice Portal Passcode


Export a User and its settings to JSON
Create (Import) a User and its settings from JSON
Export a Group and its Users and settings to JSON
Create (Import) a Group and its Users from JSON
Export a Service Provider / Enterprise and its component Groups, and Users to JSON
Create (Import) a Service Provider / Enterprise and its component Groups, and Users from JSON


24 x 7 x 365 support
Support for all current BroadWorks releases
Fully-supported API
Fully-supported Java SDK

Rock-Solid Software

Next-Generation Security

With Alpaca, BroadWorks operators can readily regenerate strong SIP Authentication, portal passwords, and voice portal PINs, then monitor SIP phones and IP devices to ensure each of them downloads the new passwords and restores service.

Best in Breed Infrastructure

Alpaca is built on the same robust platform as BroadWorks itself, ensuring your BroadWorks team already has the skills necessary to install and manage. This platform meets the latest security standards required by enterprises and Federal Government.

Extreme Programmability API

Alpaca provides 100% access to the BroadWorks Provisioning API, allowing you to build code that touches every feature, setting, or option in your BroadWorks platform. No more waiting for custom re-integration with the latest XML, or Professional Services fees to integrate with an advanced BroadWorks feature.