Real-Time Call History

BroadWorks subscribers get a real-time view of incoming, outgoing, and unanswered call records.

The Call History Features You’ve Been Missing

Here’s what you get with ECG’s CallReporter module – built into the Alpaca BroadWorks management toolset.


Search Options

Search by telephone number or extension account code.

Summary Report

Easily view cumulative minutes of use summaries by account code.

Filter Options

Filter by timestamp, service provider, enterprise, group, and inbound or outbound calls.

Summaries by User

Pull summaries by cumulative call count, minutes of use, and average call duration.

Separate Logins

Get distinct authentication and access for each of your users.

Export to CSV

Download a CSV spreadsheet file after filtering calls.

Customer Views

Each service provider, enterprise, or group can have a custom view showing their own data.

Traffic Study

Service providers can generate summary reports based on user-defined traffic classes.
Overcome account management Challenges

Call History Made Simple

Alpaca’s CallReporter empowers customer service representatives to do their jobs better.

We developed Alpaca to make hard tasks possible and easy tasks fast. CallReporter is built into Alpaca – so whether you need to view a call summary or download a report, the functionality you require is at your fingertips.

Alpaca Users

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join other organizations that have accessed real-time call history with Alpaca.

Transparent Call History

Functionality at Your Fingertips

Whether you need customizable customer views, summary reports, or anything in between, CallReporter has it all in an easy-to-use interface.


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