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Making the Most From Cisco's New Tools for BroadWorks

March 18, 2021 at 2:00 pm Eastern

ECG Quarterly BroadWorks Briefing

Join ECG as we dive into Cisco's latest tools for supporting your BroadWorks platform. Plus, get up-to-date current news on the latest changes in BroadWorks and the ecosystem for Service Providers and Enterprises.

ECG provides frequent updates for BroadWorks operators, giving you fresh, independent insights into innovations, changes, and risks. With over 20 million people worldwide depending on BroadWorks, it's the Number One platform for cloud calling. ECG has been providing independent technical services on BroadWorks since 2002.

• Latest News on Changes in BroadWorks

• Special focus: New services provided by Cisco to help engineering teams support their networks 

• Review of the BroadWorks operator ecosystem


Panelists: Jon Chleboun, Brian Tate, Sherwin Crown, Mark Lindsey


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Is This The End of CentOS? Life after Red Hat's major change.

Hosted February 18, 2021

Is this the end of CentOS going forward? Because of Red Hat's new policy, CentOS for production may not be a good option beyond 2021.  Red Hat just announced a major policy change, radically reworking CentOS and bringing dramatic changes for those who depend on CentOS for production servers. No longer will CentOS be proven software, released after all testing is complete. Instead, CentOS Stream will be a preview release. 

Sherwin Crown (SMTS, MS Computer Science/Cybersecurity)
Mark Lindsey (SMTS, MS Computer Science/Networking).

Discussion Topics:

  • What are the details of Red Hat's plans for CentOS?

  • What options will be available for Red Hat operating systems?

  • Are there any simple steps we can take to avoid rebuilding VMs/servers? 

  • How do you build systems with the risk of future changes related to Red Hat and CentOS?

  • If CentOS users do nothing - what are the downsides of running without updates? 

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Cisco BroadWorks Briefing - What's New? The Unofficial Webinar

Hosted December 15, 2020

Staying Informed on Cisco BroadWorks Has Never Been Easier! ECG has been building and growing BroadWorks platforms since 2002, supporting global network growth and cybersecurity. Join the team as we unpack the changes with Top News, Cisco's Directions, Automation, Webex, and your live Q&A.

BroadWorks continues to evolve under Cisco's leadership. In the US and worldwide, mobile requirements and new regulations change the requirements for carriers, from privacy to emergency calling. Voice is rapidly moving to Cloud providers, and user features continue to evolve to meet customer demand. The changes and new features in Cisco BroadWorks are built to accommodate this evolution.

Panelists: Mark Lindsey, Brian Tate, and Jon Chleboun

- Top News on Changes in Cisco BroadWorks
- Discussion on Webex for BroadWorks and future for UC-One and Collaborate
- Your Questions Answered! Live Q&A
- Platform, servers, and features discussed
- Calling, Devices, Mobile Apps, Network Designs, and Cybersecurity
- Engineers analyze the features and discuss experience with real-world implementations
- Info for conventional SIP and IMS implementations

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The Checklist: 9 Tests for Your SHAKEN Deployment (at SIP Forum / SIPNOC 2020)

Hosted December 10, 2020

In the rush to deploy SHAKEN for legal requirements, it can be easy to focus on success modes only, where you look only at what's working instead of what's possible. This is encouraged when you are asked "When will we be compliant?" with the new laws and regulations.

How do you avoid short-circuiting the true legal requirement of SHAKEN, as well as the obligations to society to improve the trustworthiness of the telephone network? This presentation will equip you with a straightforward checklist of nine key tests that every SHAKEN deployment must pass. Voice Service Providers can use this checklist to evaluate deployments and set goals for SHAKEN operation.

  • UCaaS / Hosted PBX Scenarios
  • Advanced Find-Me-Follow-Me Scenarios
  • Calling through IP-NNI / PSTN Termination vendors that add attestation for you
  • Asymmetric Routing Scenarios
  • Intra-service-provider Scenarios - when calls do not leave your own network
  • SIP Trunking Scenarios
  • Call Forwarding Scenarios
  • Privacy and Caller ID Override Scenarios
  • Analysis, Display, and Nuisance calling mitigation

Presented by Mark Lindsey, SMTS and Vice President Engineering, at ECG

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Identifying and Preventing Telecom Fraud - ECG with CloudAge Solutions

Hosted June 10, 2020

The 2019 Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) voice fraud loss survey of enterprises, service providers and unified communications companies estimated that the cost of fraud was on average 1.74% of revenues, or over $28 billion.  The bad guys never rest.  They continually come up with ways to exploit communications platforms and drive fraudulent traffic.  They can wipe out profit margins for months, or even years to come in this CCA virtual meeting.

Top Cybersecurity Mistakes in Voice Networks

Hosted April 8, 2020

The ECG Senior Technical Staff discuss the Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Made in Voice Networks.

Panelists: James Puckett, Sherwin Crown, Brian Tate, Jon Chleboun, and Mark Lindsey (host).


  • Planning for your Network At Scale
  • Applying Cybesecurity frameworks like NIST's
  • Managing devices securely
  • Managing secret keys (for certificates) and passwords securely
  • Network Segmentation
  • SIP Authentication
  • Defense against device scanning - SIP phone configurations
  • Voice call-in portal passcodes
  • Expertise -- having people on your team who can fully understand the technology
  • Firewall management - internet exposure
  • Planning for rapid recovery - backup management and restoration
  • Change management process and security
  • Firewall scanning - open ports, servers exposed to the Internet
  • E.164 dialing and call processing rules to defend against fraud, traffic pumping
  • Operating System and Application updates
  • Managing End-of-Life (EOL) devices that don't have available software updates
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Alpaca 7.0 Webinar

Hosted March 26, 2019

Alpaca 7.0 Webinar covering new features including Bulk User Provisioning

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Defending Voice Networks against Malware

Hosted August 29, 2018

The WannaCry and NotPetya malware attacks of 2017 dealt widespread damage to the IT world in the form of weeks of downtime for many networks, slowed operations in the healthcare and logistics fields, and caused a total of $53 billion in damages in over 100 countries, as estimated by Lloyd's of London. In our Defending Voice Networks Against Malware webinar, you will learn what you need to protect yourself and your network from malware attacks like these. 

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Cisco & BroadSoft: What’s Next?

Hosted May 8, 2018

Join ECG, the oldest BroadSoft and Cisco Partners, for a Webinar on what Cisco-BroadSoft means for your business. ECG VP & Engineer Mark Lindsey will provide the latest inside and provide details to improve your strategy. ECG has been an Integration partner for Cisco and BroadSoft since 2003, and we can help you through the transition.

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