ECG is a world leader in VoIP training services. ECG's courses are offered directly to enterprises and carriers, and re-sold through major VoIP/Telecom equipment vendors in the US and UK.

ECG Courses


BroadWorks Call Processing and Troubleshooting

Understand how BroadWorks processes calls and features. Learn how and where to troubleshoot. Get in-depth hands-on experience managing the BroadWorks platform.


BroadWorks Provisioning

This class introduces the principles of BroadWorks Users, Enterprises / Service Providers, and Groups. It shows how to manage services, devices, and user security to protect against fraud.


BroadWorks Server Patching

This course takes the student step-by step through the whole process of SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY patching BroadWorks servers.


BroadWorks Software Installation & Upgrade Procedures

The BroadWorks platform is immensely complex, feature rich and has many members in its platform deployment. This course will demonstrate what it takes to install a member of the BroadWorks platform and maintain it through upgrades and rollbacks.


Cybersecurity for Voice & UC Networks

Fundamentals for Cybersecurity issues, threats, and defense for Voice Networks.


Hot Topics: Cybersecurity for Critical Networks

Ransomware. Mobile Malware. Port Scanning. Privacy Disclosure. Voicemail hacking. UC Collaboration networks are subject to new attacks and disruptions, and customers value Security and Reliability highest, according to new Frost & Sullivan Resaerch. This update covers the major defenses necessary for reliable, robust, Voice, Unified Communication and Collaboration networks.


Intermediate BroadWorks Support & Operations

Expand your experience of BroadWorks with in-depth provisioning of BroadWorks features and services. This class is meant for Engineers and Technicians with basic experience and training on BroadWorks who need to go in deeper. 


IP Foundations for VoIP Carriers

VoIP networks are subject to attacks that were impossible on SS7 networks. We cover the key attacks and failure conditions. We show how un-protected networks are subject to attackers can interrupt service, steal confidentiality (such as recording phone calls), steal service, overload the system, retrieve customer data, etc. We include US Federal government requirements for Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). And we show how to defend your network against VoIP network attacks.


Oracle SBC - Acme Packet

The Oracle Acme Packet Platform is enormously complex and powerful, and a key device for security and reliability in Voice and Video networks. This course shows you how to harness that power for SIP Peering, Trunking, and Access/Registration (HNT).


Regulations for Voice-UC Providers - Engineering & Operations

Regulations on VoIP Providers set the groundrules for safely offering services. Many new regulations affect Voice Service Providers -- including companies that are not CLECs. Firms offering Unified Communications (UC / UCaaS), Collaboration, Hosted PBX, Cloud PBX, and SIP Trunking are all required to comply with rules related to privacy, reliability, security, and call routing.

This class prepares leaders and engineers to design and operate to meet those requirements for E911, Kari's Law, the TRACED Act, Call Routing, Privacy, Robocall Protections (SHAKEN/STIR), and Lawful Intercept.)  


Training & Certification Special - fall 2020 - Complete Program

ECG - Summer and Fall Class Training and Certification Special


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Voice and Video - Call Control & Troubleshooting

This course provides a complete introduction to SIP-based VoIP Networks as used by UCaaS VoIP Providers worldwide. This course is intended for VoIP technicians, engineers and operators to understand advanced issues in IP Networking, VoIP Signaling and Media, and Troubleshooting practice.


Wireshark for VoIP Ninjas

Diagnose and solve the thorniest problems using the popular, open-source tool Wireshark.

Three Course Formats

Live Online Courses

Multi-day, instructor-led trainings. Work at your own pace between class sessions.

On-Demand Video Courses

Twelve-month access to online video, learning at your own pace and ensuring thorough review of the material.

In-Person Training

On-site training at your location. Choose dates that work for you.

* Students who sign up for an online class can upgrade to the instructor-led class by paying the difference in the prices.

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Our Instructors

All courses are lab-based and taught by Technical Staff with thousands of hours of field experience designing, building, and troubleshooting real-time voice, video, and data networks.

Sherwin Crown, MS Computer Forensics ECG Partner and Technical Staff. Clients include Verizon Wireless, BellSouth/AT&T, and Telovations.

Mark Lindsey, MS Computer Science ECG Partner and Technical Staff. Clients include Embarq/CenturyLink, BellSouth/AT&T, Centennial de Puerto Rico.

James Puckett, BS Computer Science ECG President and Technical Staff. Clients include Verizon, BellSouth/AT&T, Los Alamos National Labs, and Stage2 Networks.

Brian Tate, BS Electrical Engineering ECG Partner and Technical Staff.