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You Missed the FCC STIR/SHAKEN Deadline. Now What?

The FCC STIR/SHAKEN deadline for voice service providers has passed. If you missed it, here's what you can do to get on track with robocall mitigation.

Tackling Carbon Emissions: Strategies for Voice and Internet Service Providers

Reducing your carbon emissions is good for the environment and your bottom line. Read this blog for strategies to help service providers get started.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Network for Longevity

A resilient network infrastructure is a strategic necessity for voice service providers. Learn how to prepare your network for longevity in this blog by ECG.

Robocall Blocking: 4 Ways to Block Nuisance Calls Effectively

Robocalls targeting businesses are on the rise. Read this blog to learn how to block nuisance calls from impacting your company, or contact ECG today for help.

STIR/SHAKEN: How investigators can tell if you're compliant

STIR/SHAKEN Compliance is more than just sending Identity headers. Investigators can tell if you've done a complete implementation in your network.



Long Live BroadSoft: What Cisco’s Announcement Means for Voice Service Providers

Earlier this year, we talked about what the future looked like for BroadSoft/BroadWorks users. While many companies worried that Cisco would soon declare end of life for its BroadSoft products, we stuck by our belief that the platform would remain a leading choice for voice service providers. After several years of speculation and uncertainty, we're happy to announce that Cisco has officiall...

What You Need To Know Before the FCC STIR/SHAKEN Deadline of Jun 30, 2023

U.S. consumers received more than 50 billion robocalls in 2022,1 so it's no wonder countering unlawful caller ID spoofing is now one of the FCC's top priorities. With the extended deadline for service providers to implement STIR/SHAKEN in the IP portions of their network right around the corner, we're sharing a few key considerations to be aware of.

What Does the Future Hold for BroadSoft Customers?

Many are worried about the future of Cisco BroadSoft and whether it has reached the end of life. Discover what this means for your voice network in this blog.

4 Signs It’s Time To Consider Staff Augmentation for Voice Service Providers

Staff augmentation for voice service providers can help you quickly and cost-effectively scale your engineering team to meet innovation goals. Learn more.

5 BroadSoft Management Challenges Solved With Alpaca

Alpaca can help solve your biggest BroadSoft management challenges and simplify processes like provisioning, importing data, and more. Learn how in this blog.

Cloud Voice Migration - Overcoming Common Challenges

Three common challenges bedevil cloud voice migrations, but there are workarounds. 

How to Prioritize Patient Safety During Your Hospital Cloud Migration

Overcome hospital cloud migration challenges and prioritize patient safety throughout the process with expert support from ECG. Learn how in this blog.

ECG to Present in Voice Collaboration Panel at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2022

ECG and the University of Virginia are hosting a panel about voice collaboration for higher education at the upcoming EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. Learn more.

3 Cloud Migration Challenges Large Universities Face – And How to Overcome Them

Cloud providers are up against several unique challenges when it comes to cloud migration for large university voice and data networks. Learn how ECG can help.

Simplify Cisco BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

Learn why BroadWorks system administrators worldwide trust ECG to simplify BroadWorks management with Alpaca, your partner for long-term voice network success.