Webinars Protect Your Customers! Implementing a GREAT Robocall Mitigation Plan

Hosted June 17, 2021

This webinar discusses what should be in a great Robocall Mitigation Plan and how it helps you to protect your customers against against nuisance and robocalling, and allows their calls to succeed to the outside world.

  • Defining a Robocall Mitigation Plan
  • Origination vs Termination -- Definitions
  • Key Goals for Protecting Customers - Deliverability, Liability, Reliability, Blocking Scam, and Trustworthy Caller ID
  • Know Your Customer - Customer Vetting
  • Industry Traceback Group Cooperation
  • Contract & Terms of Service Enforcement - Including Shutting Down Sources
  • Engineering Your Network to Fight Robocalling - Concurrent Calling, Calls-Per-Second Rates, and Number Screening
  • Reasonable Analytics - Automating the defense of your customers
  • Customer Types - SIP Trunking, APIs, and SIP Endpoint Users
  • Nuisance Calling Prevention - Stopping the Scams and the Spam


Hosted by: Jon Chleboun, SMTS

Presenter: Mark Lindsey, SMTS / VP Engineering, ECG


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Protect Your Customers from Spam Callers: Technology Provider Panel

Technology options to protect your customers against scam calls, boost your revenue, and protect your business. Nuisance robocalls to your customers are a menace to Voice Service Providers -- but did you know you can stop those calls from reaching your customers?  Hear from a panel of the leading technology companies with options to protect your customers against inbound robocalls. Whether you offer SIP trunking, UCaaS Hosted PBX, or have an enterprise network, you can effectively manage & block inbound nuisance calls. Out of the top 23 UCaaS / Hosted PBX vendors identified by Gartner, only four can protect their customers against inbound robocalls. Only four!  This is a great opportunity for UCaaS vendors to differentiate their services based on the quality of inbound protection, along with the ability to report on blocked calls and to ensure that all desirable calls.  This change brings new revenue possibilities, including up to 15% revenue increase per user at one US UCaaS leader. Every vendor provides unique solutions. ECG can integrate with any robocalling mitigation vendor into your existing network. Relationship between Robocall Mitigation, SHAKEN/STIR, and Spam Calling Market Opportunity for UCaaS and SIP Trunking Revenue Generation Examples -- looking at what's in the market today Key questions raised by spam call blocking: A New Spam Mailbox? Emergency 911 callback? Rural Call Completion? "Reasonable Analytics"   Panelists: Rich Quattrocchi is Vice President of Digital Transformation at Mutare. He holds six patents and is working his seventh for work at Mutare. Bart Pesavento is the Director of Product Marketing at Neustar and is responsible for driving the go-to-market strategy for Neustar’s Trusted Call Solutions and Order Management portfolios. Ray Muscatell is Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and leads the sales teams and is responsible for sales for RedShift Networks UCTM product portfolio. Alec Fenichel is a software engineer, and leads the design and operations of TransNexus’s cloud based service platform, ClearIP. Greg Blumstein is the founder of TrueCNAM and the TrueSpam service. Gerry Christensen is responsible for leading new business development and strategic relationships at YouMail.

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