Webinars Cisco BroadWorks Briefing - What's New? The Unofficial Webinar

December 15, 2020 at 2:00 pm Eastern

Staying Informed on Cisco BroadWorks Has Never Been Easier!

BroadWorks continues to evolve under Cisco's leadership. In the US and worldwide, mobile requirements and new regulations change the requirements for carriers, from privacy to emergency calling. Voice is rapidly moving to Cloud providers, and user features continue to evolve to meet customer demand. The changes and new features in Cisco BroadWorks are built to accommodate this evolution.

ECG has been building and growing BroadWorks platforms since 2002, supporting global network growth and cybersecurity. Join the team as we unpack the changes.


Panelists: Mark Lindsey, Brian Tate, and Jon Chleboun

- News and Insight on Changes in Cisco BroadWorks
- Discussion on Webex for BroadWorks and future for UC-One and Collaborate
- Your Questions Answered! Live Q&A
- Platform, servers, and features discussed
- Calling, Devices, Mobile Apps, Network Designs, and Cybersecurity
- Engineers analyze the features and discuss experience with real-world implementations
- Info for conventional SIP and IMS implementations

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