Long Live BroadSoft: What Cisco’s Announcement Means for Voice Service

Earlier this year, we talked about what the future looked like for BroadSoft/BroadWorks users. While many companies worried that Cisco would soon declare end of life for its BroadSoft products, we stuck by our belief that the platform would remain a leading choice for voice service providers.

After several years of speculation and uncertainty, we're happy to announce that Cisco has officially confirmed its commitment to BroadSoft! The company recently released an article stating that it will continue to help service providers deliver superior calling experiences with Cisco BroadWorks. In this blog, we'll discuss what this means for voice service providers so you can build your voice network with confidence.

Should Service Providers Continue Using BroadSoft?

Over 40 million end-users depend on BroadSoft for voice calls,1 so it's no surprise that service providers want to know if they'll continue to receive support from Cisco for their investment. 

Considering Cisco's recent announcement, it's safe to say that BroadSoft will be a safe platform to build on for the foreseeable future. BroadSoft has long been the go-to for building highly flexible and reliable voice networks, thanks to its comprehensive voice service functionalities and integration capabilities. And because BroadSoft offers the ability to customize offerings based on customer needs, service providers can use the platform to differentiate themselves in the crowded communications market.

With their recent announcement, Cisco also says they're working to enhance the end-user calling experience with support for third-party devices and advanced features such as unified call history and directory search service. Clearly, BroadSoft isn't going anywhere - it's just going to keep getting better and better.

Make the Most of Your BroadSoft/BroadWorks Investment With ECG

BroadSoft/BroadWorks will continue to be a top choice for voice service providers, so getting more out of your investment can help you stay ahead of the competition. ECG has decades of proven experience building and supporting voice networks for service providers, government agencies, and enterprises, and you can put our expertise to use in helping prepare your voice network for the future.

We designed our BroadSoft management toolset, Alpaca, to help businesses like yours deliver more value to customers. Alpaca offers flexibility and support to help you simplify BroadSoft system management and processes like provisioning, importing data, and more. Plus, our flexible licensing lets you optimize spending by using features whenever you need them. Use only what you want - and keep only what you need.

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