Webinars Making the Most From Cisco's New Tools for BroadWorks

Hosted March 18, 2021

ECG Quarterly BroadWorks Briefing with special guest: Scott Hoffpauir, BroadSoft's Co-Founder and CTO

Join ECG as we dive into Cisco's latest tools for supporting your BroadWorks platform. Plus, get up-to-date current news on the latest changes in BroadWorks and the ecosystem for Service Providers and Enterprises.

ECG provides frequent updates for BroadWorks operators, giving you fresh, independent insights into innovations, changes, and risks. With over 20 million people worldwide depending on BroadWorks, it's the Number One platform for cloud calling. ECG has been providing independent technical services on BroadWorks since 2002.

• Latest News on Changes in BroadWorks

• Special focus: New services provided by Cisco to help engineering teams support their networks 

• Review of the BroadWorks operator ecosystem


Panelists: Jon Chleboun, Brian Tate, Sherwin Crown, Mark Lindsey


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