Top News from the World of BroadWorks

News on shrinking and expansion of the BroadWorks marketplace, dominated by growth at Verizon, Vonage, TPX, and Evolve IP. New BroadWorks integrations on network management, call recording, Kakapo, TekVizion, Yealink, and Snom. And updates from Cisco.

Verizon vs. Vonage: We need some details!

Verizon sued Vonage in case 1:06-cv-00682-CMH-BRP in the US District Court of the Eastern Virgina region. Verizon has won, for now. As people who make VoIP work, the engineers and operators of VoIP systems need some actual useful information to work with to build networks that observe Verizon's patents. This posting is just an attempt to collect some of that info in a useful place. The web i...