Cisco-BroadSoft Pushes BroadWorks Operators Toward Better Patching

BroadSoft Broadworks operators have long been experienced to patching to update their BroadWorks platforms. In addition to major releases and upgrades on a regular basis, patches are released every few weeks to address issues -- both major and minor. Applying these patches can resolve problems before they become major issues.

Smart BroadWorks operators always monitor and maintain the patching of the platform. But now the BroadWorks team at Cisco is emphasizing this with a huge pop-up warning on the XChange web site whenever you upload the tech-support output.

You can't blame Cisco for emphasizing this. When BroadWorks operators run their systems unpatched, they're operating with known problems for which known solutions are available.

ECG always recommends keeping the system up-to-date with patches.

  • Patch on a regular basis -- at least once per quarter
  • Test patches thoroughly on a lab system to check for interop issues between your platform
  • Carefully analyze the post-patching instructions carefully, and apply if they pertain to your system
  • Except for pressing issues you're currently experiencing: ensure all patches installed in production have been released for at least a month to allow the larger marketplace to test the new patches and report back to Cisco-BroadSoft with any issues discovered
  • Read all patch release notes for any corrective patches that have been released since your patch date. For example, if you're patching with patches from February 1, 2019, read all the notes for patches since that date for any signs that your older patches may need to be paired with a newer corrective patch.

Your customers trust you to maintain the BroadWorks infrastructure for critical business communication. They depend on your platform in case of emergency. Cisco's late effort to warn people to keep their system up to date is welcome and appropriate.

ECG can provide ongoing patching service, or training to equip an internal team to effectively maintain BroadWorks.