Centennial de Puerto Rico Deploys Advanced CPE Management for

Centennial de Puerto Rico, a leading VoIP Service Provider based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has deployed an Advanced CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) Management System for Cisco/Linksys SPA Phones. The System provides Industry-Leading Security, Manageability, and Reliability.

The new CPE Management System is integrated with BroadSoft's BroadWorks system, the industry-leading softswitch for Commercial VoIP Carriers. Features of the new system include:

  • Zero-Touch Maintenance: Centennial's Customers and Provisioning Team can enjoy new features, line moves, adds, and deletes that are automatically propagated to the CPE.
  • BroadWorks Integration: The CPE Management system is fully integrated with BroadSoft BroadWorks, supporting all advanced hosted IP PBX features.
  • SSL Verification: Centennial's Cisco/Linksys SPA phones will refuse to communicate with unsigned CPE Management Servers. This provides defense for Centennial's customers against man-in-the-middle and DNS hijacking attacks.
  • Configuration Signing/Encryption: Centennial's Cisco/Linksys SPA phones are pre-programmed with Centennial credentials. This prevents a customer or Man-In-The-Middle from recovering key system signaling and management details. Attackers cannot redirect Centennial's phones to another system.
  • Fault Tolerance: Centennial's system maintains multiple copies of each configuration, on separate servers, to protect against server or network fault.
  • Traffic Engineering: The new system supports traffic engineering, allowing Centennial to intelligently route customer SIP traffic to backup data centers.
  • VLAN Management: Customer devices can be configured to use a Voice VLAN using 802.1q tagging. This can be managed through BroadWorks directly.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting: Centennial's customer devices report on network issues before they become problems. These data are transmitted to a central logging server, where they can be analyzed by Centennial operations staff.

Centennial PR Customer Technology Integration (CTI) Engineers Fernando Jorge and Alberto Leo were principle technicians on the project.

ECG, Inc. developed and implemented the system for Centennial PR. ECG Engineers Mark Lindsey and Jonathan Stanley worked with Centennial through the design and specification process, then implemented custom software and systems.