Cloud Connections: The Meeting Place for the UC/Collaboration Industry

Cloud Connections is a different kind of conference because CCA is another type of organization. This conference is a platform for leaders to develop meaningful connections, hear deep thinking, and explore the future of collaboration tech.

You could read a dozen newsletters and attend a dozen webinars every week; everybody's calendar is full. As a professional in the Collaboration space, marketers know how to reach out and get their message in front of your eyeballs. 

There are big conferences, from Enterprise Connect to Channel Partners. Your vendors have events, whether you're with Cisco, Crexendo, RingCentral, Ribbon, or Microsoft.  Those vendors are great, but Cloud Connections has consistently been different. It's for leaders to connect with leaders and gain leadership insight.

Its smaller scale means the speakers are accessible. I've enjoyed the sideline informal dialog I just cannot get with the keynoter at Enterprise Connect. You can get in the heart of some issues that aren't covered well. You can challenge the speakers' assumptions or just ask background questions to get up-to-speed on some issues they reference. 

You get to meet smart people doing related work. Everybody at Cloud Connections has similar interests, but they are doing it in novel ways in different markets. Even though every service provider and vendor has some secret sauce, our common ingredients are the talented people leading and working in these organizations. 

You'll hear surprising new ideas and challenge your existing assumptions. I'm always impressed with the new ideas, like…

  • Investors are evaluating technology and product decisions differently than product managers think they are
  • The future of the "service provider" business model might be less-universal (think: AT&T) and more vertical (focused on a specific industry).
  • Mobile calling apps are not the dream they were sold to be, when they rely on weak cellular connectivity.

You'll Participate in interesting conversations. This year's Cloud Connections will be particularly strong with interactive networking and discussion activities. But every year, there have been numerous opportunities to participate in the conversations started by the speakers, ask questions, and provide opinions to one another.

You get to think new thoughts about mobile and UC "wireline" integration. RingCentral makes biggers splashes at Mobile World Congress. Tango Networks can integrate UC providers with the mobile network globally. Ericsson is one of the leading UC and wireless providers. As goes the consumer (to wireless), so the enterprise will move (to wireless). 

I can go on. You'll think of your business in the context of growth, whether merger or mere acceleration. You can also make connections with most of the key vendors in the industry to accelerate your projects later on. Cloud Connections is a great place to charge your mind and refresh your contacts if you're in Collaboration Technology.