What's the Top News on Cisco BroadWorks - December 2020

New Briefs on BroadWorks popularity, System Management, Automation, Enhancements for IMS Providers, Call Center, Device Management, Webex, and Compliance.

Cisco-BroadSoft Pushes BroadWorks Operators Toward Better Patching

Cisco's support site now aggressively warns BroadWorks operators when patches are missing.

BroadWorks Data Center Moves Made Easy (as possible)

Many BroadWorks service providers are migrating to new data centers and cloud hosting providers. This change brings many aspects into consideration, such as Rollback recovery options Managing BroadWorks Configurations Choosing Operating System versions To look more into the migration, Mark Lindsey spoke with ECG AMTS Ashley Lee for a Q&A. Ashley is an ECG Associate Member of Technical Sta...

BroadSoft BroadWorks Database Server (DBS) - Cheat Sheet

The BroadSoft BroadWorks DBS is a different animal than other BroadWorks servers, and it requires a special set of commands to keep it alive and well. The level of care and feeding required for the database reminds of BroadWorks App Server release R12 and R13; those were not happy days. Check status of the FRA Disk Group dbsctl diskinfo /etc/init.d/oracleasm listdisks On a healthy, normal sys...

Nortel Networks Bankruptcy and the CS2000 / CS2K: Finding Alternatives

Nortel Networks has gone bankrupt, and is selling bits and pieces to Nokia Siemens. I'm not sure if the CS2K is one of those pieces. Nortel has a lot of really smart people. It's difficult to change from charging $16M for a telephone switch servicing 100,000 lines in 1997 (which is what they charged BellSouth for the DMS100 in my home town) to the current marketplace. There are interestin...

MetaSwitch "Innovators" and BroadSoft's "Marketplace"

Last week, MetaSwitch (part of Data Connection Limited, DCL) launched the "Innovators" site. It's similar in spirit to BroadSoft Inc's "Marketplace". They're both intended to spur "Client Development". Both are major VoIP software companies. MetaSwitch also handles hardware. Both keep their ordinary documentation locked in customer-only web sites. But both have released just a tiny bit of th...

New Discussion Group

There's a new discussion group, "BroadWorks-Discuss" for discussing the BroadSoft BroadWorks platform. It's one of the leading VoIP carrier software platforms out there, and this mailing list is intended to let people who use it, work with it, manage it, etc., discuss things. To subscribe, email broadworks-discuss-on@e-c-group.com

Two Ways to get VoIP Support

San Jose, CA -- I had wondered in the past whether GS did any VoIP engineering or support, and I got my answer yesterday at VON. I learned about IBM Global Services' Support for VoIP Systems. The Global Services VoIP support offering that I learned about is focused on supporting technical staff at enterprises. (NB: "Enterprise" is jargon for for any customer that's not a government, a carrie...