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Poly CCX phones - A new option with proven software

The Poly CCX phones with support for standard SIP provide an interesting new option for SIP devices, using mature software. This brings huge advantages for Service Providers and enterprises looking to add a new device but with proven code.

Troubleshooting Common Problems with SIP Signaling Delivery

Tips for Troubleshooting and Identifying some of the most common problems with SIP Signaling Delivery: Fragmentation, Retransmission, Symmetrical Signaling, SIP ALGs, and Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

SIP Registration with Authentication - Excerpt from ECGT2010 Training

Learn how SIP registration with authentication is performed in the presence of a Session Border Controller. Join ECG for live training to strengthen your SIP knowledge and earn a certificate from ECG.

Voice Security: Failure to Imagine Your Network At Scale

Thinking of your deployment as "small" can lead to all kinds of unwise security decisions. The idea that you can manually configure things to perfection often leads to production deployments that are unsecured, unmanageable, and subject to cyber attack.

What you need to know about STIR/SHAKEN in Seven Key Facts

Seven basic facts about the laws, the logic, and the technical implementation of STIR/SHAKEN to fight robocalling.

Hysteresis Histrionics: Slow SIP Failover for Better Reliability

To provide reliable SIP failover -- do it slowly.

Space Probes and SIP Phones: Successful Device Launches with BroadWorks

Careful testing is crucial for stability before launching new SIP Access Device models The Product Definition must be baked into the Test Plan used to approve the device, & new software for it Customer Technical Support teams need extensive early access to devices  before they are deployed Space Probes are designed to be sent far away, beyond our reach. They run software, and send back d...

Using SIP to Block Robocalling: On the Telephone, Nobody Knows You're a Robot

Robocalling, enabled by VoIP, causes real social harm Filtering based on Caller ID brings some temporary relief The telecom industry has real work ahead to protect Caller ID with STIR VoIP Drove down the cost of making phone calls. We love that about VoIP: free long distance! In the telecom industry now, the idea that calls within a country would cost a retail user more than local calls seems...