Boost Your Career With ECG’s All-New Voice Engineer and Telecom Training Options

ECG has new telecom training for voice network engineers and service providers.

SIP Registration with Authentication - Excerpt from ECGT2010 Training

Learn how SIP registration with authentication is performed in the presence of a Session Border Controller. Join ECG for live training to strengthen your SIP knowledge and earn a certificate from ECG.

Work Flows Up: Effectively Distributing Work on a Team of Engineers

Sometimes junior technical staff are starved for interesting work while senior staff are overworked This is Part 2 in my Series on Supporting/Managing Engineers If a team has lots of technical work to do, and only a few brilliant engineers available, how do you get work to the right people? In this article, I discuss methods for managing work in IT and technology teams, such as those doing Netw...

Mentoring Junior Engineers is Worthwhile

Most experienced professionals value the opportunity to mentor others; not so for some elite technologists To enable more people in a technical team to do work, more people have to know how to do it. But for many engineers, training doesn't come natural. This is Part 1 in my Series on Managing Engineers Is one-on-one training a rational activity, or just a feel-good strategy from the HR departm...