The Solution to Your Large University Voice and Data Network Needs

If you’re a university administrator, you’ve likely already encountered difficulties supporting your mission-critical phone and data systems. Large public universities face several unique challenges, including:

  • Ensuring on-campus hospitals and emergency services are always connected

  • Securing and maintaining upwards of 20,000 phone connections throughout the campus living spaces, classrooms, police department, and more

  • Ensuring the reliability of blue light phones 

  • Rolling out network-wide updates without disrupting on-campus emergency services

  • Keeping your voice network compliant and providing a safe campus environment for your students and faculty

That’s where ECG comes in. We deliver solutions that support the wide geographical area campuses cover – including critical infrastructure, network security, compliance, and more – to provide a safer, better-connected campus experience for students and faculty alike.

What Makes ECG’s Services a Perfect Fit for Universities?

Institutions like the University of Virginia, Georgia Tech, and other college campuses across the U.S. have trusted ECG for voice and data solutions designed to fit the diverse needs of their campuses. Here’s why:

  • We have hands-on experience and a track record of success working with large colleges and universities for their varied voice and data needs.
  • We know the unique network challenges universities face, and we thrive on providing accountability and 24/7 reliability. 

  • We’re a GSA-approved contractor, so we have pre-negotiated rates that public institutions can opt in to.

  • We’ve worked with top-level university decision-makers including administrators, presidents, regents, and others to meet their institutions’ unique voice and data needs.

  • Our solutions support the entire campus phone system, including blue light phones, living spaces, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

  • We ensure your campus’s critical facilities like on-site hospitals, police departments, and fire departments have 24/7 phone connectivity and zero network downtime.

Our professional services include: 
  • Compliance Engineering - Public universities must adhere to higher security standards than enterprises. ECG helps campuses maintain compliance with features like data backup and restoration.

  • Staff Augmentation - Many universities struggle to deploy network updates because of the need to keep on-campus emergency services undisrupted. ECG can augment existing campus IT departments to ensure these critical systems are always connected and up to date.

  • Network Security - Universities are frequently subjected to cyber attacks. ECG keeps campus networks protected from fraud and abuse in SIP access devices and core servers.

Optimize Your Large University Voice and Data Network With ECG

With many students and faculty returning to campus in person, optimizing your communications system is vital. Don’t leave your university’s critical voice and data systems to chance with an inexperienced vendor. ECG has proven, hands-on experience helping large public universities stay connected, compliant, and secure with professional services and software solutions. 

Download our ebook to learn more about how ECG solves the unique network challenges large universities face, or navigate our checklist to discover how we can optimize your large university voice and data network. If you’re ready to provide a safer, more reliable network for your campus, contact ECG today.