Alpaca – Hassle-Free BroadWorks Management with Flexible Pricing

If you've ever attempted to customize your Broadworks system settings, you've probably experienced how complicated and rigid BroadWorks can be. It requires specialized skills and training that are expensive and hard to come by. 

At ECG, we're bringing an end to the complex processes of BroadWorks management with Alpaca

Alpaca is your service provider BroadWorks management toolset. With Alpaca, you'll never have to struggle with changing settings or making complex updates in BroadWorks again. And your BroadWorks subscribers can update their own settings in a customized, branded interface.  Alpaca simplifies BroadWorks management to empower flexible user account management and enterprise relocation, all with flexible pricing options.

Why Choose Alpaca for Cisco BroadWorks Management?

Alpaca boasts several robust system insight, management, and reporting features. But what makes Alpaca truly great is ECG’s commitment to providing a highly customizable, long-term solution for Broadworks user management. Our clients love Alpaca for its:

Flexible Pricing

Pay only for what you need - and keep only what you want! Contact us for details.

Ongoing Compatibility with All BroadWorks Releases

Unlike custom-crafted solutions that must be re-integrated each time you upgrade Cisco BroadWorks, Alpaca is always compatible, with full support for each new Broadworks release.

Flexible API

Integrate new functionality and capabilities into Alpaca to affect how subscribers are managed using its extensive API.

Bulk Provisioning

Provisioning within Broadworks is difficult, but Alpaca comes equipped with lifecycle plugins to validate user data and perform intelligent data population in an easy-to-read Microsoft Excel format.

Customizable Licensing

Our flexible Alpaca licensing allows you to use the features you need when you need them. No more wasting money on tools that you only use now and then, with our plans you can pay as you go and keep only what you need. And if you don’t see a tool that meets your specific needs, we’ll build it!

Strong Support

ECG offers year-round 24/7 support for all aspects of Alpaca so your users never experience downtime. Along with fully-supported API and Java SDK, ECG also provides full training & support for developers.

Why ECG?

ECG specializes in building networks and services that solve real problems. Our expert technical team is on a constant lookout for new ways to bring life to voice, video, and internet communications. We help people do great work, speak with their loved ones, and communicate during emergencies.

ECG brings world-class technical expertise to communications networks, assists with technical projects, supports business goals, automates processes, and offers industry training. 

“Their expertise in voice engineering is a major reason I lean on ECG. I rely on them for their knowledge, subject matter expertise, and guidance,” says Mark Hayes, VP of Voice Engineering, Momentum Telecom.

ECG’s expertise gives us an advantage. In fact, our Alpaca software is deployed at some of the largest BroadWorks operators in the world, providing security monitoring, reporting tools, and other management tools critical for running BroadWorks at scale.

Get Started With Alpaca Now

Bid farewell to every BroadWorks complication with Alpaca and enjoy a feature-rich system that comes with 24x7 support throughout the year. Alpaca supports all BroadWorks releases – and much more.

Contact ECG today to kickstart efficient and superior BroadWorks management.