A Comprehensive Guide to Accelerating the BroadWorks Platform

As more businesses look to adopt flexible, scalable communication solutions to support increasingly dispersed workforces, they’re turning to service providers built on Cisco Broadworks for high-quality VoIP, collaboration, and contact center capabilities. Over 450 service provider partners and 26 million business users worldwide rely on BroadWorks,1 making it the leading cloud communications platform. 

Designed for enterprise communications, BroadWorks offers service providers a robust management portal and extensive capabilities to power their clients’ voice, video, conferencing, and contact center needs. The platform supports advanced features like auto attendants, IVR menus, call recording, and more alongside voice, video, chat, and text channels – all via a single interface. 

In this guide, we’ll explore what makes BroadWorks a popular tool for service providers and break down the core capabilities it can offer your business customers. 

Why Do Service Providers Use BroadWorks?

BroadWorks allows providers to deliver unified communications (UC) solutions that simplify workflows for organizations across a wide array of verticals. Here are a few key benefits of offering BroadWorks solutions:

Government-Grade Security

With up to 99.999% availability and full redundancy, BroadWorks enables protection from security threats and ensures compliance with data privacy and law enforcement standards. That's why you see BroadWorks operating in high-security scenarios – comprehensive security requires sophisticated management.

Unified Communications 

Since BroadWorks is based on an open architecture, it supports leading IP phones, desktop apps, and mobile apps and seamlessly connects to mobile networks for integration with 5G and IMS cellular networks.

Full PBX Functionality

BroadWorks equips end users with a full range of telephony features at the user, group, location, and enterprise-wide levels, from basic auto-attendants to advanced contact center capabilities. 

BroadWorks Core Capabilities and Features

With BroadWorks, service providers get extensive controls for managing and optimizing business voice services. Core capabilities and features offered by the platform include:

Unified Communications/Hosted PBX 

BroadWorks enables providers to deliver reliable enterprise VoIP calling with broad interoperability across leading brands of IP phones and SIP devices. Integrated unified communication features like call transfer, auto attendants, extension dialing, and more help teams collaborate effectively.

SIP Trunking

BroadWorks leverages SIP trunking to connect service providers to an enterprise's internal calling platform over IP. With SIP trunking, BroadWorks can integrate with all modern private branch exchanges (PBXs) to provide businesses with robust voice, video, and collaboration capabilities. Major multinational enterprises and government agencies also gain highly reliable trunking features to support mission-critical communications and disaster recovery.…

Contact Center

Omnichannel contact center routing and advanced call-handling tools help agents manage high call volumes across customer support channels. BroadWorks enables businesses to measure customer sentiment, gain insights with custom reports, record calls for quality assurance, and optimize their contact center operations.

Meetings and Collaboration

BroadWorks has integrated with Webex to enable meetings and collaboration capabilities directly within a mobile calling application. BroadWorks users can easily participate in online meetings and conduct calls within a single unified app for a streamlined collaboration experience across voice, video, and conferencing tools.…

Accelerate BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

While BroadWorks delivers exceptional capabilities, managing clients and deploying services at scale can be challenging without the right tools. Alpaca speeds BroadWorks management for service providers so you can activate services quickly, solve customer problems immediately, and generate revenue faster.

Alpaca’s bulk provisioning feature makes it easy to build users, manage devices, activate complex features, and more – while eliminating the inconsistencies and high-skill requirements associated with manual provisioning. Ready to see how Alpaca can help you do more in BroadWorks? Get in touch with ECG today.


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