5 Business Benefits of Automated Provisioning

Onboarding and offboarding manually can be slow and error-prone. New hires may wait days before gaining system access, and employees who switch roles can face similar delays in accessing newly relevant resources. Plus, departing staff may retain system credentials before anyone on your IT staff notices, which can put your entire network at risk. 

Automated provisioning, or auto provisioning, represents a smarter approach. This process automatically grants and revokes access to applications, data, and systems according to user status. While manual provisioning is typically tedious, automated provisioning allows businesses to efficiently manage user access as employees join, switch roles, or leave the company.

Read on to learn about the importance of auto provisioning and how it can benefit your business.

Why Is Auto Provisioning Important?

Manual provisioning can bog IT teams down with monotonous, time-consuming access configuration and management whenever there's an employee status change. These delays frustrate employees – while also leaving your data vulnerable. Auto provisioning relieves this burden, ensuring users quickly get the right level of access to the resources needed for their role.

How Does Auto Provisioning Work?

Automated provisioning relies on preset access and permission policies based on roles within the organization. When HR adds a new employee to the identity management system, your auto provisioning solution automatically assigns system credentials and access privileges based on the worker's role. Access adjusts instantly if they switch roles or leave the company, enabling your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives instead of juggling identity and access management. 

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5 Benefits of Auto Provisioning for Businesses

Some of the biggest business benefits of automated provisioning include:

1. Accelerated Onboarding

No more wasted time waiting days or weeks for manual credential configuration – auto provisioning delivers instant access on day one so new hires can be productive immediately.

2. Increased Efficiency

Automated provisioning eliminates tedious and labor-intensive manual processes to reduce the workload on your IT staff. Rather than spending time on mundane user configuration, your in-house teams can invest time in more strategic initiatives that advance the business. 

3. Lower Costs

Auto provisioning cuts labor expenses associated with manual provisioning inefficiencies and delays. It also minimizes productivity losses from new hires waiting on permissions and reduces costly security risks by restricting unauthorized access.

4. Fewer Errors 

By eliminating manual processes, automated provisioning minimizes mistakes such as granting overly broad or inappropriate access. Automation avoids mix-ups from incorrect data entry or misreading complex requirements.

5. Improved Experience

Automated provisioning raises satisfaction across roles. The frictionless experience auto provisioning offers not only helps employees get the access they need to work quickly but also benefits IT staff by freeing their time. 

Accelerate Service Delivery With Alpaca's Auto Provisioning

Automated provisioning helps businesses address the challenges posed by manual provisioning by streamlining access configuration and management, resulting in a better user experience overall. By embracing auto provisioning, your organization can build a more agile and secure business environment where access management is an efficient, error-free process.

ECG’s BroadWorks management toolset, Alpaca, leverages automated provisioning to help service providers onboard and offboard new customers in minutes – not days. Our bulk provisioning feature automates service activation, eliminating errors associated with manual provisioning to help you solve customer problems and generate revenue faster than ever. 

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