Simplify Cisco BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

Learn why BroadWorks system administrators worldwide trust ECG to simplify BroadWorks management with Alpaca, your partner for long-term voice network success.

Alpaca – Hassle-Free BroadWorks Management with Flexible Pricing

Alpaca simplifies provisioning in Cisco BroadWorks. Start managing your BroadWorks investment more effectively now with ECG.

Defend the BroadWorks XSP from Device Management Scanning Attacks

Cisco BroadWorks Device Management (DMS) servers are under continuous attack, as bad actors seek to access SIP Device configuration details. They use ths configurations to compromise the service, committing toll fraud, including traffic pumping costing millions of dollars per year. This article explains defensive approaches and gives a complete configuration to mitigate these attacks using a free, open source tool.

Cisco-BroadSoft Pushes BroadWorks Operators Toward Better Patching

Cisco's support site now aggressively warns BroadWorks operators when patches are missing.

Cisco Crowdsources Critical Announcements: SSL Certificate Changes on SPA-500 phones

The Cisco Small Business SPA-500 series phones (such as the SPA-502G, SPA-508G) include a Cisco-signed SSL certificate. Until very recently, all of the Cisco SPA-500-series phones shipped were signed by a Sipura certificate. Sipura was the Korean company that was bought by Linksys before Linksys was bought by Cisco. Sometime after August 2013, Cisco Small Business started shipping phones sig...

Two Ways to get VoIP Support

San Jose, CA -- I had wondered in the past whether GS did any VoIP engineering or support, and I got my answer yesterday at VON. I learned about IBM Global Services' Support for VoIP Systems. The Global Services VoIP support offering that I learned about is focused on supporting technical staff at enterprises. (NB: "Enterprise" is jargon for for any customer that's not a government, a carrie...