What Staff Augmentation Brings to Your Business

As a CTO or technology leader, you’re expected to drive digital transformation and create value for your business by leveraging technology. Your engineering team’s capacity and skill sets will play a major role in helping you create a robust digital backbone for your organization and fuel growth. Unfortunately, the chances are that instead of focusing on building new digital capabilities and driving a cultural change in the organization, your team is mostly spending time on routine work, merely keeping things running.

However, you’re not the only one facing this challenge. A recent survey of 700 CIOs reveals that technology and cloud teams spend 44% of their time on routine tasks, which costs a whopping $4.8 million a year. Because of this, 56% of the CIOs say that they fail to deliver everything that a business needs from IT.

As a transformative leader looking to disentangle from such a status quo, you need immediate access to skilled specialists. You need professional resources to support your in-house teams and enhance their capabilities with specific skill sets to meet the tactical business goals on time and within budget. That is where staff augmentation helps. If you’re falling behind the IT innovation curve, staff augmentation is one of the popular and beneficial delivery methods that can help you complete IT projects and offer new expertise to your company.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Simply put, staff augmentation is a cost-effective method to acquire a professional skill set on a project basis to support in-house teams without compromising on quality. This temporary arrangement to augment the capabilities of your organization can be short-term or long-term, depending on your project requirements.

For example, working on large-scale projects such as network mergers and migrations, unified communication and mobile app deployment, and robocalling mitigation can be time-consuming sometimes because of the scope, scale, and variable requirements – not to mention the challenge of finding a team of specialists to carry out the required tasks. Instead of spending months to find a lacking expert, with staff augmentation, you can accomplish your objectives within weeks.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Access to a Specialized Talent Pool

Instead of spending time on recruiting, sourcing, and training new employees, staff augmentation provides you access to experienced and qualified professionals almost instantly.

Flexibility and Scalability

Staff augmentation makes it easier to scale your capabilities rapidly whenever the need arises. For example, in case of a crisis – like the recent pandemic – you can quickly acquire new technology specialists temporarily to meet the growing demand on your core network infrastructure, user support requirements, or network security threats.


At adequate cost, you get highly skilled engineering professionals to support your in-house team. With this outsourcing model, you cut down on overhead expenses to control expenditure while providing competitive differentiation to your organization at the same time.

24/7 Support

Reputable organizations that offer staff augmentation support your business day and night to make sure your network operations face minimal disruption.

Augment the Engineering Capabilities of Your Organization With ECG

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