4 Signs It’s Time To Consider Staff Augmentation for Voice Service

Delivering innovative, new products and services is critical for voice service providers that don’t want to get left behind. Market analysts predict voice service provider revenue will increase by 20% annually through 2030,1 so technology leaders are facing more pressure than ever to meet business growth goals that create value for clients.

That’s where staff augmentation comes in. Staff augmentation is a cost-effective way for voice service providers to instantly scale your engineering team with skilled technical specialists. Below, we’re sharing the top four scenarios to consider voice engineering staff augmentation. 

1. Project Deadlines Are Tight

Staff augmentation is ideal when deadlines are tighter than your in-house team can accommodate – especially for one-off projects. The right provider can offer talent with industry-wide experience in project design, deployment, and management to ensure you have the level of support needed to reach your goals. Plus, you can have an expert team leading your project in a matter of days rather than the weeks or months it may take to hire and retain full-time talent.

2. Your Team Is Overbooked

56% of technology leaders say their staff struggles to complete everything they’re tasked with.2 Between managing day-to-day IT needs and dealing with an understaffed technical team, finding time to focus on digital growth is virtually impossible. But with staff augmentation, you always have access to top talent at the right skill level – whether your team needs support tackling everyday technical tasks or launching special projects.

3. Delivering Results Is Critical

Experienced staff augmentation providers are well-versed in helping voice service providers complete top-priority projects, such as migrating from a legacy system or deploying advanced cyber security measures. Since engineers from your staff augmentation provider are familiar with industry jargon and best practices, they can quickly become an extension of your team to ensure you’re delivering exceptional results.

4. Skill Gaps Have To Be Filled 

If a project calls for specialized skills that your in-house engineers don’t have, recruiting new talent isn’t the only option. Hiring technology talent in the U.S. costs an average of $4700,3 and that's not factoring in the long-term expenses of retaining a full-time employee. Staff augmentation for voice service providers offers fast, cost-effective access to specialized knowledge whenever you need to round out your team’s skill sets.

Strengthen and Support Your Engineering Team With ECG

Meeting innovation goals doesn’t have to be a challenge, even if your staff has a limited workload capacity or lacks the specialized skills needed to complete a one-off project. Staff augmentation allows you to scale your engineering team as needed with top technical talent, saving you time, money, and stress in the long run. 

Finding the best staff augmentation provider to meet your unique needs is crucial. ECG has decades of proven experience designing, building, and supporting voice networks for service providers, government agencies, and large-scale enterprises worldwide. Our team of engineering experts helps businesses reach innovation goals, from installing voice infrastructure to patching systems and beyond.


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