Simplify Cisco BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

Learn why BroadWorks system administrators worldwide trust ECG to simplify BroadWorks management with Alpaca, your partner for long-term voice network success.

Infographic: Simplify BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

Simplify Cisco BroadWorks management with Alpaca, ECG’s feature-rich BroadWorks management toolset backed by 24/7 network uptime and always-on support.

Executive Summary: Compliance Management and Voice Networking

Is your voice engineering team knowledgeable on what it takes to stay compliant? Find out if you’re up on voice service provider compliance in this blog.

Mentoring IT Professionals: Start by Answering Questions.

Committing time to answer questions is the crucial first step This is Part 3 in my Series on Supporting/Managing Engineers Configuring bridging, building bridges Unlike software, systems, network, and voice engineering, regulated engineering disciplines require licensing. According to the National Society of Professional Engineers, a college engineering graduate candidate can "begi...

Work Flows Up: Effectively Distributing Work on a Team of Engineers

Sometimes junior technical staff are starved for interesting work while senior staff are overworked This is Part 2 in my Series on Supporting/Managing Engineers If a team has lots of technical work to do, and only a few brilliant engineers available, how do you get work to the right people? In this article, I discuss methods for managing work in IT and technology teams, such as those doing Netw...

Mentoring Junior Engineers is Worthwhile

Most experienced professionals value the opportunity to mentor others; not so for some elite technologists To enable more people in a technical team to do work, more people have to know how to do it. But for many engineers, training doesn't come natural. This is Part 1 in my Series on Managing Engineers Is one-on-one training a rational activity, or just a feel-good strategy from the HR departm...