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The ECG staff technical blog.

ECG to Present in Voice Collaboration Panel at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2022

ECG and the University of Virginia are hosting a panel about voice collaboration for higher education at the upcoming EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. Learn more.

3 Cloud Migration Challenges Large Universities Face – And How to Overcome Them

Cloud providers are up against several unique challenges when it comes to cloud migration for large university voice and data networks. Learn how ECG can help.

Simplify Cisco BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

Learn why BroadWorks system administrators worldwide trust ECG to simplify BroadWorks management with Alpaca, your partner for long-term voice network success.

Alpaca – Hassle-Free BroadWorks Management with Flexible Pricing

Alpaca simplifies provisioning in Cisco BroadWorks. Start managing your BroadWorks investment more effectively now with ECG.

Infographic: Simplify BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

Simplify Cisco BroadWorks management with Alpaca, ECG’s feature-rich BroadWorks management toolset backed by 24/7 network uptime and always-on support.

The Solution to Your Large University Voice and Data Network Needs

Learn how ECG’s expert solutions help overcome the challenges of large university voice and data networks and support mission-critical systems.

Cybersecurity Notice on ECG Software Alpaca regarding Spring Vulnerabilities [UPDATED]

Notice relating to Alpaca changes due to the Spring vulnerabilities CVE-2022-22965 and CVE-2022-22947.

Boost Your Career With ECG’s All-New Voice Engineer and Telecom Training Options

ECG has new telecom training for voice network engineers and service providers.

Poly CCX phones - A new option with proven software

The Poly CCX phones with support for standard SIP provide an interesting new option for SIP devices, using mature software. This brings huge advantages for Service Providers and enterprises looking to add a new device but with proven code.

How ECG Can Help Implement STIR/SHAKEN for UCaaS Providers

Many Voice Service Providers must implement STIR/SHAKEN by June 2022, and they can turn to ECG for expert help. 

Analysis of CVE-2021-44228 log4 Vulnerability for ECG Software

We describe which versions of ECG software include the log4j software and how to manage risk.

It’s Not Just STIR/SHAKEN. Here’s What Else You Need to Know About Robocall Mitigation.

Are you aware of all the regulations and requirements associated with robocall mitigation? Learn what they are in this blog.

Navigating Robocall Mitigation With STIR/SHAKEN

Robocall mitigation and STIR/SHAKEN compliance are now required for providers. Learn everything you need to know in our blog.

Free Ebook: Understanding STIR/SHAKEN and Other Compliance Requirements

STIR/SHAKEN isn’t the only change impacting voice service providers today. Learn more about other compliance requirements in our blog.

Infographic: Instantly Scale Your Engineering Team With Staff Augmentation

Is your engineering team bogged down by menial tasks or ones outside their knowledge base? Learn more about how staff augmentation can help.