200 OK Free Ebook: Understanding STIR/SHAKEN and Other Compliance Requirements

Free Ebook: Understanding STIR/SHAKEN and Other Compliance Requirements

Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR)/Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs (SHAKEN) are a set of protocols and procedures which were developed by the FCC as a response to unethical robocalling. The framework effectively verifies and registers phone calls using digital certificates. This process allows telecommunication service providers to detect and avert spoof calls before they reach the targeted receiver.

Voice service providers must adhere to STIR/SHAKEN, but there are other compliance issues to be aware of as well, which we’ll cover in this blog post.

Why Do Voice Providers Need to be Concerned?

STIR/SHAKEN helps voice service providers successfully abide by concurrent FCC laws and avoid any kind of direct cost incurred due to noncompliance. Here are some regulations and other drawbacks that providers need to be aware of:

  • Call recording is a critical and commonly adopted practice for contact centers to monitor their calls efficiently. Substandard call recording policies can lead to substantial court settlements.

  • E911 regulations laid by the FCC mandate emergency calls to be sent out to the 911 service without any delay. Non-compliance can result in a $10,000 penalty or even additional civil penalties.

  • FCC rural call routing policies specify certain service quality standards for intermediate providers. The authority expects voice service providers to monitor the call performance regarding consumers, businesses, and government entities in rural markets.

  • Poor cyber security measures lead to heavy penalties as well as loss of important information.

STIR/SHAKEN helps voice service providers carry out easy and systematic revision of their policies and focus on addressing these obligations. With the right expertise or technological partner, telecom companies can tackle these stumble blocks effortlessly.

Get the ECG STIR/SHAKEN Ebook to Learn More

ECG’s “Regulatory Compliance for Voice: Your Essential Guide” is a comprehensive ebook that will help you determine whether you’re prepared to be compliant. Here’s an excerpt of some of the critical points discussed in the ebook.

Factors to Watch Out For

The ebook emphasizes a thorough understanding of various laws concerning the interest of all parties involved in a call. As a matter of fact, a call routing configuration that limits calls to rural destinations in the USA can get fined $19,639 per incident.

Things You Might Miss

At the onset of mass implementation of data privacy and consumer protection laws, it is easy to miss out on a few of them. For example, laws such as E911 apply even to video conferencing applications such as Zoom, which many people are unaware of.

Pitfalls to Avoid

While designing a new service, voice network enterprises should not ignore the legal ramifications and requirements or assume that they do not apply to internet technology.


Once you’re done reading, you can also refer to this worksheet to determine if you’re prepared to be compliant.

ECG for Your Crucial Voice Infrastructure Needs

ECG provides the most practical technical support to service providers and enterprises for their networks, product design, software development, and engineering needs. Our technological expertise will help you stay ahead of your compliance issues and prepare you for the safe implementation of STIR/SHAKEN.