Simplify Cisco BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

Learn why BroadWorks system administrators worldwide trust ECG to simplify BroadWorks management with Alpaca, your partner for long-term voice network success.

Alpaca – Hassle-Free BroadWorks Management with Flexible Pricing

Alpaca simplifies provisioning in Cisco BroadWorks. Start managing your BroadWorks investment more effectively now with ECG.

Infographic: Simplify BroadWorks Management With Alpaca

Simplify Cisco BroadWorks management with Alpaca, ECG’s feature-rich BroadWorks management toolset backed by 24/7 network uptime and always-on support.

Top News from the World of BroadWorks

News on shrinking and expansion of the BroadWorks marketplace, dominated by growth at Verizon, Vonage, TPX, and Evolve IP. New BroadWorks integrations on network management, call recording, Kakapo, TekVizion, Yealink, and Snom. And updates from Cisco.

What's the Top News on Cisco BroadWorks - December 2020

New Briefs on BroadWorks popularity, System Management, Automation, Enhancements for IMS Providers, Call Center, Device Management, Webex, and Compliance.

Defend the BroadWorks XSP from Device Management Scanning Attacks

Cisco BroadWorks Device Management (DMS) servers are under continuous attack, as bad actors seek to access SIP Device configuration details. They use ths configurations to compromise the service, committing toll fraud, including traffic pumping costing millions of dollars per year. This article explains defensive approaches and gives a complete configuration to mitigate these attacks using a free, open source tool.

Cisco-BroadSoft Pushes BroadWorks Operators Toward Better Patching

Cisco's support site now aggressively warns BroadWorks operators when patches are missing.

BroadWorks Data Center Moves Made Easy (as possible)

Many BroadWorks service providers are migrating to new data centers and cloud hosting providers. This change brings many aspects into consideration, such as Rollback recovery options Managing BroadWorks Configurations Choosing Operating System versions To look more into the migration, Mark Lindsey spoke with ECG AMTS Ashley Lee for a Q&A. Ashley is an ECG Associate Member of Technical Sta...

Space Probes and SIP Phones: Successful Device Launches with BroadWorks

Careful testing is crucial for stability before launching new SIP Access Device models The Product Definition must be baked into the Test Plan used to approve the device, & new software for it Customer Technical Support teams need extensive early access to devices  before they are deployed Space Probes are designed to be sent far away, beyond our reach. They run software, and send back d...

BroadWorks CDR Decoder

If you use BroadWorks with CSV CDRs, you're probably accustomed to reading these: 00255943365CF3FC1CF15820160404194616.3061-040000,ECG,Normal,+12296543428,+19125293400,Originating,+12296543428,Public,+12296543409,20160404194616.306,1-040000,Yes,20160404194624.106,20160404194650.684,016,VoIP,,3409,private,,,,local,Group,,PCMU/8000,,fd390cb4-eb6d3d15-f8fb7fd2@,,,,Herme...

BroadSoft BroadWorks Database Server (DBS) - Cheat Sheet

The BroadSoft BroadWorks DBS is a different animal than other BroadWorks servers, and it requires a special set of commands to keep it alive and well. The level of care and feeding required for the database reminds of BroadWorks App Server release R12 and R13; those were not happy days. Check status of the FRA Disk Group dbsctl diskinfo /etc/init.d/oracleasm listdisks On a healthy, normal sys...