Training BroadWorks: Call Processing & Troubleshooting

Understand how BroadWorks processes calls and features. Learn how and where to troubleshoot. Get in-depth hands-on experience managing the BroadWorks platform.

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BroadWorks: Call Processing & Troubleshooting

March 27, 29, and April 3, 5, 10, 12
Tuesday & Thursday, 2pm-4pm ET


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At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Read all the logs to find problems.
  • Understand the BroadWorks maintenance tools.
  • Configure and troubleshoot voicemail.
  • Understand SIP signaling in depth.
  • Troubleshoot in the TimesTen database with ttIsql.

Key skills

  • BroadSoft BroadWorks Releases R17sp4, R19, R20sp1, R21sp1, R22
  • Application Server
  • Network Server
  • External Web Server
  • Media Server
  • Profile Server
  • Database Server
  • bwcli
  • AS_CLI
  • NS_CLI
  • WS_CLI
  • MS_CLI
  • XSLogs
  • PSLogs
  • AuditLogs
  • ms.syslog
  • OCSLog
  • tshark
  • tcpdump
  • SIP
  • SDP
  • RFC3261


Course Content

Understand Server Interactions. Which server controls voicemail? Which server controls call routing? Which server selects the Long Distance carrier? Which server determines the codec? Understand the server roles, and how they interact to provide features, play greetings, and modify settings. Analyzing Logs. Would that be in the XSLog? OCSLog? PSLog? MS Syslog? Learn what each of the logs has, how to manage logging, and how to read each log on the BroadWorks platform. We cover the Application Server, Network Server, Media Server, and External Web Server in depth. Beyond Logs: Packet Captures. Logs won’t show every detail. Learn how to use Packet Captures on the BroadWorks servers to look behind the curtain and troubleshoot network and feature issues. Command-Line Diagnostics with BWCLI and ttIsql. Learn to use the BroadWorks CLI commands to do diagnostics and troubleshooting. Open the TimesTen database for fast access to internal data.


Voice & Video: Call Control & Troubleshooting

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